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    Fri Jul 29 23:55:40 2016
    D donnyn posted in USB boot not working anymore?.

    I've figured out my problem lol. The procedure I've used was different.

    I've used a program called Rufus to make it a bootable usb >
    By default it would make my usb's filesystem ExFat
    I changed it to Fat32 and it allowed me to choose the ISO and mount it.
    Which renames the usb to CrucibleWDS hence why I remembered it.
    Then Merge the files.

    My bad. Sorry!

  2. Fri Jul 29 22:55:27 2016
    D donnyn posted in USB boot not working anymore?.

    odd. yeah it's all the same model exact model. I've deployed over 15 computers with the same parts/model until the USB broke. First time seeing the secureboot detecting this, as I only changed the ISO used for the USB. haha the weird part is I've deployed to this computer once. I was just trying to upload a new updated image.

    (New)I've disabled Secure boot now it says me to command like GNU Grub 2.02v beta or some sort.

  3. Fri Jul 29 20:44:11 2016
    D donnyn started the conversation USB boot not working anymore?.

    The USB that I was using to boot clonedeploy bugged out and kept asking for format. So, I've decided to create new USB for it.
    I've downloaded the 1.0.1 ISO extracted and followed the instructions like before.. however, when i'd boot EFI: USB. It'd say some Secure Boot Violation now. Did the ISO for bootable clonedeploy change recent? It never said this before and I think when I've downloaded a while back. It'd say something like CrucibleWDS iso.

    I'm using 1.0.1 clonedeploy at the moment as it was doing its job perfectly until recently.


  4. Tue Jul 12 18:01:49 2016
    D donnyn posted in Constant Rebooting / GPT Error?.

    I was able to fix the clone!
    I uploaded the image using remove gpt structures and it was back to good ol' successful deployments.
    I also chose UEFI option for booting into the USB.
    Everything seems to work now. =)

    Thanks for the assistance.

  5. Fri Jul 8 19:03:10 2016
    D donnyn posted in Constant Rebooting / GPT Error?.

    I'm using USB to deploy on computers.
    As for legacy bios or efi, I have no clue.
    Though the destination computer that can't boot into windows. When choosing the boot up, It shows going to the SSD or Windows Boot loader (SSD name). Bootloader sends me to some UEFI bios looking screen. My original image doesn't have the Windows Boot loader (SSD name) option.

    Sorry, not sure which one is an upload image txt. I get push and pull mixed up alot.

  6. Fri Jul 8 17:42:24 2016
    D donnyn posted in Constant Rebooting / GPT Error?.

    Ah, yes. It is in a boot loop. I'm only able to fresh install windows with disk and can't clone from another image to it successfully now after attempting first cloning or even changing to another working SSD. I'm not too familiar with that EFI / PXE stuff.
    Would there be a way to recover boot information?
    Or a suggestion of what to do when I upload a fresh image from now on?


  7. Thu Jul 7 22:38:50 2016
    D donnyn started the conversation Constant Rebooting / GPT Error?.


    I've been using clonedeploy a decent amount of times.
    Has anyone else encounter when they deploy to a bare machine without an OS, the machine begins to constantly reboot?
    I've had successful deployments but this recent deployment cause both the fresh machines to go into a state of rebooting.
    I noticed just before the deployment to the machine.
    All the machines that I've deployed to have had all the same hardware but maybe with the exception of slight increase to SSD storage. 240gb to 256gb kingston ssd


  8. Wed Jun 22 18:07:31 2016

    Is there a need to change the GUID after deployment? I've heard in cloning the GUID stays in same in each deployment and would need to be deleted so it could generate a new GUID.

  9. Wed Jun 22 17:49:48 2016

    Ah, thank you.

    Do you have any input on my second question?

  10. Wed Jun 22 16:37:52 2016
    D donnyn started the conversation Able to change to use D: Drive Instead of C:?.


    I was just wondering if there was a way to switch the drive that stores all the images.
    Would like to change the location of all my images to D: drive instead of C:

    I'm guessing the server would break if I just moved the clonedeploy folder to D: drive.
    Anyone tried?

    Also, another quick question. I think I've been rooking it in my cloning process.
    I see these forums about GUID and Sysprepping before you use the image for cloning.
    So, my question is do you need to Sysprep and clear GUID before uploading to your host Server or does clonedeploy cover that.


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