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    Tue Jun 6 06:44:31 2017
    R robodair posted in Sysprep Password Replacement.


    I ended up just using the <Value></Value> elements, as they all need the same value in my file and saw with the other posts that I needed to escape any special characters with four backslashes.

    Thanks for the clarification about custom attributes, it seems obvious now, I don't know why I didn't see that they're not related to sysprep tags.

  2. Fri Jun 2 00:53:29 2017
    R robodair started the conversation Sysprep Password Replacement.

    I'm finding myself a bit confused on how I can automatically insert passwords into sysprep.

    Say I have the following for account creation or autologin:


    What would my sysprep look like to replace the PasswordGoesHere with the password I want?

    Further - is there a way to replace some arbitrary placeholder? For example adding the password to a commandline argument:

    <CommandLine>net use * \\server\sharedfiles /user:myuser PasswordGoesHere /persistent:yes</CommandLine>

    The docs mention replacing sysprep tags and appear to hint at some form of environment variable replacement using braces but isn't clear enough for me to grasp the syntax or know exactly where to provide the values.


  3. Fri May 26 05:29:12 2017
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