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    Tue Aug 29 09:10:47 2017
    D deployer posted in Pfsense Proxy DHCP Configuration.

    Hi, I am using pfsense, too.

    The official proxy way would be to not configure those settings in pfsense, instead using the proxy-dhcp-program:

    "CloneDeploy Proxy will not override options that are already set by your DHCP server. If you have already set option 60, 66 or 67, you must remove them before it will work. In addition to this, some DHCP servers incorrectly set the next-server to be themselves even if you have not set it. These will not work because options cannot be overridden."

    But I am using it like you in an unofficial way like this:


    So I would say, you need to modify the first pxeboot.0 to use the proxy-directory.

  2. Mon Aug 28 06:40:14 2017

    Just as an update to this problem, I had the same now when switching to "Proxy DHCP".
    After the switch CD is searching under C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\tftpboot\proxy\bios\pxelinux.cfg\...
    for the active task file, but it is an permanent active task from before the change to Proxy-DHCP.

    Maybe there could be a process that automatically recreates all active Tasks when switching (maybe with confirmation).

    And many thanks, I see you are still working on 1.3 sending new commits :)

  3. last year
    Mon Jan 30 12:34:51 2017
    D deployer started the conversation Switching between ipxe and pxelinux.

    I had a small problem when I changed the pxemode in the admin setting from previously ipxe to pxelinux (because I had some Dell servers that did not boot with ipxe).

    I had permanent active tasks for some machines and had the pxe-files "mac.ipxe" for them.
    Then I switch to pxelinux.
    If I then go to "Computers" and select one of those machines and try to open the "Boot menu", the gui tries to find the pxe-config-file for the machines but now without the extension ".ipxe".

    This file didn't exist and so it shows "Could Not Read File" (FileOps.cs )

    To fix I had to recreate the permanent tasks.

  4. Mon Oct 10 12:44:21 2016
    D deployer started the conversation Thank you!.

    There was no real fitting "channel" in the forum so I hope it is OK in "support" to say:


    Amazing work and I really like all the new additions and especially the permanent tasks are really useful and I am using it right in that minute.

    And I wish you a great time if you take off some time, you should always feel good and not feel a pressure!

  5. Mon Jul 4 12:47:58 2016
    D deployer posted in Dashboard: Pull-Request.

    I created the new pull request for the 1.2.0 branch and I added a region to try to separate Windows / MONO code. I currently have no possibility to test it on mono, maybe you can check if it does work?

    I added some more code, this time for unix with mono (please note I am not using any IDE! editing plain text).
    If you can try it on Linux, it needs a reference to Mono.Posix.dll: github commit

  6. Mon Jul 4 06:26:49 2016
    D deployer posted in Dashboard: Pull-Request.

    I had a look at the splitbutton and made a proper fix.
    The problem was not visible before because the error stops the execution of the script.
    Cause: On the dashboard there is an empty splitbutton that the script doesn't handle.

    I let it hide itself now if $widestlink = null.
    That seems to catch it and doesn't affect the other buttons that have links inside.



  7. Fri Jul 1 12:13:51 2016
    D deployer started the conversation Dashboard: Pull-Request.

    Based on my old request (Old Forum )
    I added some stuff to the dashboard and created a pull-rquest for you as a start.

    Edit: There is currently code that will not run other than windows (windows api GetFreeSpaceEx from kernel32.dll), there would be the need for an alternative for Linux.

    This is how it currently looks like:


  8. Mon Jun 27 13:30:05 2016
    D deployer posted in Deploy multiple selected computers.

    nice, thanks! It's really great to see all the improvments, all the work you do! I really appreciate it!

  9. Mon Jun 27 13:00:56 2016

    But it would be good to be able to approve multiple selected images, I would prefer to have such a button ;)

  10. Mon Jun 27 12:15:15 2016
    D deployer started the conversation Deploy multiple selected computers.

    I would find it nice if you could select multiple computers from the list and then be able to select "Deploy" (and the other features) from the dropdown-button.

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