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    Mon Jan 16 17:42:42 2017

    I was able to add an option on the boot menu for kernel 3.18.1. It is pretty easy to do.

    Settings>>>boot menu>>>editor

    Copy the On demand portion and paste it somewhere above prompt 0. Rename the labels and change the kernel from 4.5 (or whatever kernel you are using) to 3.18.1. Save changes, below is an example.

    LABEL On Demand 3350
    kernel kernels\3.18.1
    append initrd=images\initrd.xz root=/dev/ram0 rw ramdisk_size=156000 web= USER_TOKEN= task=ond consoleblank=0
    MENU LABEL On Demand 3350

  2. 2 years ago
    Thu Nov 3 21:26:35 2016
    J jcbz956 started the conversation Driver path, registry edit.

    Is there a way to edit the registry using clone deploy scripting so it can point to a specific driver path?


    Edit DevicePath value %SystemRoot%\inf;\\server\mydrivers

  3. Tue Aug 30 19:44:17 2016
    J jcbz956 posted in Reset Password.

    Thanks again!

  4. Tue Aug 30 17:48:17 2016

    You need to use kernel 3.18.1 and enable uefi network stack on the bios under system configuration>>NIC settings. You should be cherry after that. That's the only model I've had that issue with so far.

  5. Thu Aug 25 18:17:50 2016
    J jcbz956 started the conversation Reset Password.

    How can I reset the clonedeploy user account password?

  6. Tue Aug 23 18:46:32 2016
    J jcbz956 posted in **Looking for Hard Drive(s) **.

    Thank You

  7. Tue Aug 23 17:30:41 2016
    J jcbz956 started the conversation **Looking for Hard Drive(s) **.

    **Looking for Hard Drive(s) **

    When I try to upload an image it stays stuck there. I tried different kernels and also verified that the Bios detects the hard drive.

  8. Fri Jun 10 21:23:53 2016

    I had that same problem . My issue was that I had specified a Windows 7 64bit operating system on the virtual box settings when I was actually running 32bit ( brain fart). After I corrected the settings it worked fine .

  9. Wed Jun 8 14:52:20 2016
    J jcbz956 posted in tftp server: input box.

    It worked like a charm! Thanks for your help!

  10. Tue Jun 7 21:45:32 2016
    J jcbz956 posted in tftp server: input box.

    How can I make the iso to include all my locations?

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