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  1. 10 months ago
    Tue Nov 28 15:17:08 2017

    Thank you very much, you have been very helpful. Just one last question - when using gzip compression, are you using standard gzip utility, or pigz, which is multicore gzip utility...?

  2. Tue Nov 28 14:28:16 2017

    Oh. No.
    Create boot files, I presume?

  3. Tue Nov 28 14:18:59 2017

    To remove registration
    Admin settings->security->registration enabled

    I am sorry, I still get 'enter computer name' when entering 'on demand' jobs. Maybe I didn't ask the right question? I did set the setting to NO. Last version applied.

  4. Tue Nov 28 14:03:18 2017

    How I missed the option for registration, I can't say. I was blind, I guess :) thank you.
    But this compression option... it requires me to create image placeholder, so to say, and configure upload options just for that image, and then in 'on demand upload' select existing image...?
    But those defaults must exist somewhere, as they are applied to on demand job which isn't preset in web interface.
    We are using on demand exclusively, just selecting and dropping images onto machines. Images are syspreped, so we don't need anything than selection of the type of machine and dropping image there.

  5. Tue Nov 28 12:37:32 2017

    I have a question - where can I change default compression ratio and/or algorhythm for on-demand upload? We are not using anything else but on-demand, so this matters to us.
    Also, how to completely remove add computer menu when starting on demand task?
    Thank you.

  6. Wed Nov 15 08:50:29 2017

    To ask additional question - if an error occures, CD usually mentiones that it will reboot in one minute. And I am impatient and reboot it by button.
    In first case, if I leave CD to reboot, will it remove active task from task list? Because if I reboot it by force, task stays on... for how long? Is there a task timeout?

  7. 11 months ago
    Wed Nov 8 13:34:22 2017
    I itisljar posted in Please, add memtest into console.

    Did it, it was quite simple, really. Just... DELETE .bin extension from file name (and in the menu consequently), because PXE treats bin files differently. As I was there, added Vivard tool for testing HDDs for bad sectors. So, it's complete now.

  8. Wed Nov 8 11:11:51 2017
    I itisljar posted in Please, add memtest into console.

    Oh? I will try to do that, thank you!

  9. Mon Nov 6 12:02:57 2017
    I itisljar started the conversation Please, add memtest into console.


    Could it be possible to add memtest into client console. It would be great enhancement to already existing badblocks application, with which I can test HDDs for bad sectors. It's not big application, and linux distros often have it inside their grub menus.
    That way we could avoid booting anything else for basic troubleshooting of the PC.

    Also, if (possible) it could be added into first menu, that would really be grand.

    There could be two entries there,

    Test 1st HDD for bad sectors (which would execute badblocks -s -v /dev/sda)

    Or, how can I do that myself?

    Thank you very much.

  10. last year
    Thu Sep 14 13:48:21 2017
    I itisljar posted in SSD restore the right way.

    I'm not sure if I follow.
    So, I have two possible situations: first is, installing OS on standard HDD, take an image, and restoring it on SSD. Using LinuxIE, the partitions on SSD wouldn't be aligned, so I should realign them with some tool, yes?
    But, second, if I install OS on SSD, take image, and restore it on SSD, it would then be aligned?
    Thank you for patience, I haven't found anything about this in forum posts.
    And thank you for making this tool simple and understandable.

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