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    Mon Oct 23 11:29:29 2017

    Thanks, I'll try it soon!

  2. Thu Oct 19 15:01:14 2017
    R RvD2 posted in Testing API... Failed.

    You can't create a new image yet, that is a bug. You could create an empty image in the web interface and then select that from WinPE. That could work.

  3. Thu Oct 19 14:59:04 2017

    I did set the Time Zone correctly, coincidentally because I was thinking the same thing :)
    I haven't change the language.
    I'll try some more things now I know it at least works correctly for other users.

  4. Thu Oct 19 14:57:13 2017

    I'm not sure if this affects more EFI Notebooks - most computers I have used (with any imaging program) can be used in CSM. I really hate EFI and especially SecureBoot :-)

  5. Thu Oct 19 14:54:35 2017

    Yes, found it!

  6. Thu Oct 19 11:05:13 2017
    R RvD2 posted in proxy dhcp problem.

    Are you already running a DHCP-server on this machine?
    It seems proxydhcp can't bind to port 67 because the port is already in use.
    This usually indicates another DHCP-server on the same machine.

  7. Thu Oct 19 07:49:26 2017

    Okay, I did some more testing with this and it seems this type of notebook is causing more issues this way. I'll describe them one by one:

    1) Because of the first error, the client task doesn't get properly removed from CD. It's stuck in the queue at 99% or 100%. This causes the queue to get full sooner or later and you need to manually cancel these tasks or no new tasks will be able to start eventually.

    2) Before restoring partition 1, there is also some error with restoring the GPT table. The error scrolls by really fast, still trying to capture it. It says something about 'this may not be a problem' or something. I'll try recording it.

    3) Because of either error 1) or error 2), it is not possible to restore any other image to these notebooks. What I mean is this: I usually have a VM in which I build a clean image with all required software. I can restore this image to other hardware using CD just fine. I also built an EFI image which restores just fine to a VM at least. I can also restore this image to this HP Notebook, but it won't boot. I just get a Windows Blue Screen with boot errors and startup recovery, but it never fixes itself. I suppose this is because of error 1), CD can't write the proper boot file location to the EFI? If I create the base image on another HP Notebook 460, the deployment goes just fine since the partition layout is the same.

  8. Thu Oct 19 07:30:38 2017

    I just tried the Linux PXE with login enabled and I can login just fine.
    So it seems there is nothing wrong with my CD database or the CD-api website handling the login. I was afraid that perhaps an upgrade of a table went wrong during the upgrade or something like that (not that I received any errors during the upgrade). But it seems all is fine at the CD end, just WinPE not wanting to login for some reason.
    I'm willing to run more diagnostics and tests of course, or I can just wait for a version with the fixed universal token? Perhaps during fixing the universal token, you'll also run into some line of code that might explain the login errors on WinPE.

  9. Thu Oct 19 07:10:49 2017

    Where is this setting in 1.3.0?
    I can't find it there, there is just a 'global computer arguments' setting and nothing else.
    Also, in 1.2.1 I could image at least 10 computers simultaneously, now in 1.3.0 I'm also getting this message, even though there are no other computers imaging and no other tasks active.

  10. Wed Oct 18 14:17:48 2017

    Yes, it's 64 bit.
    SecureBoot is disabled (otherwise it won't boot iPXE at all - that's why I'm trying to get WinPE PXE to work in the other thread :-))

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