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    Fri Dec 29 23:38:00 2017

    Thanks!...Sorry, should have read a bit more.

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    Internet Explorer 8.

  3. Wed Nov 1 18:52:57 2017
    J jelliott started the conversation Web Interface Not Displaying Properly.

    When I am using the web interface, it is cut off at the bottom of the page and I cannot scroll down to see the rest of the page. In order to see it, I have to zoom out. This won't work for long, since things will become too small to see as the list of PCs gets larger. This happens in every portion of the interface.

  4. Wed Nov 1 18:36:10 2017

    I tried mapping the drive using alternate credentials, but was still not able to connect. I reset the passwords to cd_share_ro and cd_share_rw one more time in windows and then it worked. After getting that to work, the SMB share mounted successfully!

    Thank you for your help! I must have forgotten to reset the passwords locally after resetting them in the CloneDeploy web interface.

    Could you add the mapping network drive step to the troubleshooting guide? I think that many people would benefit from it.

  5. Wed Nov 1 08:06:30 2017

    I cannot connect to it from another windows machine. It states that i do not have permission. Usually when this happens it lets me enter credentials, but this time it went straight to access denied. It will allow me to connect only when i change the folder permissions and add my username.

    There are no special characters in my password, just letters and numbers.

  6. Wed Nov 1 00:13:32 2017
    J jelliott started the conversation SMB Share Failure (Tried the guide).

    I am getting an SMB Share Failure when I go to upload an image to the server.

    I have tried all of the troubleshooting steps up to step 6 here: http://clonedeploy.org/docs/smb-troubleshooting/

    On step 6, when I enter the command:

    mount -t cifs //[server-ip]/cd_share /storage -o user=cd_share_rw,pass=[cd_share_rw pass],dom=workgroup,vers=2.0

    It comes back with a Permission Denied error.

    I have double-checked the password and the share permissions, and have completed the recommended fixes for this issue in the guide, but I still cannot get this to work. Any suggestions?

    • shared permissions are correct
    • security permissions are correct
    • password is correct
    • firewalls are off, etc.
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