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    Mon Nov 20 19:55:02 2017
    J jnaroz posted in Untitled conversation.

    just tried it and it works now .
    very dumb that i missed that .
    thank you for all of your help

  2. Mon Nov 20 17:28:23 2017
    J jnaroz posted in Untitled conversation.

    i will try to type it again . let me check now

  3. Mon Nov 20 17:19:32 2017
    J jnaroz posted in Untitled conversation.

    please see attachment.
    you will see the log for the Upload and the deployment .

  4. Mon Nov 20 16:59:40 2017
    J jnaroz posted in Untitled conversation.

    where can i get it ?

  5. Mon Nov 20 16:31:41 2017
    J jnaroz posted in Untitled conversation.

    where can i double check the Mapping info in the server . i looks like the deploy and upload is looks at 2 different location or 2 different directory

  6. Mon Nov 20 16:30:07 2017
    J jnaroz posted in Untitled conversation.

    Yes it is very odd . so you get understand what i am trying to do , i have a project where we need to deploy 15 new Dell Opti 3050 desktops.
    i started by creating a master image on one of them and then i used the ISO to boot into the CD-rom and log into the Clonedeploy Menu .
    i logged into the menu and i created an on demand task to upload the image . all woks fine when i do that and the i am able to connect to the IT_NAS server . please see attached pictures labeled Upload1 and upload2.
    the works fine .
    Now when i try to deploy the same image i pulled minutes before on the same PC / Hardware , using the same ISO cd and an on demand task. i get the error saying that it can not mount the IT_NAS. please see attached picture labeledDeploy1.
    i also tried to create a deploy task in the server and I got the same results .
    i also tried it on other dell Opti3050 thinking that it may be an issue with the hardware but i got the same results.

  7. Fri Nov 17 22:46:14 2017
    J jnaroz started the conversation Untitled conversation.

    I am new clondeploy , and i have been working on setting up new imaging server . I have installed 1.3.1 off the website and currently everything is setup as per the documentation . I created a new new distribution point for my NAS . i also removed the default record.
    I started by pulling the image from a new Dell 3050 which connects fine to NAS using the SMB . now i an using the CD to boot up and deploy the Image onto a different Dell Opti3050 and it tells me that "error could not mount SMB share " . i even tried to troulshooting steps you have on the site and i am able to see the /storage /image folder and i and able to create a test file . please let me know if i ma doing something wrong here .

  8. Fri Nov 17 22:33:56 2017
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