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    Thu Feb 8 22:43:20 2018
    D davidberino posted in Add computer to OU.

    I second the powershell script.

  2. 6 months ago
    Wed Dec 27 01:14:22 2017
    D davidberino posted in Secure Boot Hurdles.

    I'm still fine with option 3. We've been disabling Secure Boot on our machines for some time now, not that big of a deal. If the issue arises where signed binaries are mandatory then so be it. By then you will have enough people (if not already) invested in your product to make the leap to a paid version.

  3. Wed Dec 27 01:07:32 2017
    D davidberino posted in Change Name using deploy.

    @thebus if it's of any help, this article should help get you started on creating an unattend file and placing it where it needs to be. Just make sure that if your unattend contains an activation key, delete it in the end so you cover your traces. A SetupComplete.cmd file that runs after the unattend process should be good enough.


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