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    Mon Jun 4 22:32:45 2018
    K KDSM posted in SSD drive.

    Here is an update. After scanning through the form I find that trying different Kernals may correct the no nic driver problems. I tried 3.18.1 to 4.16.1 and no change. But, I will admit that I pull this "test" laptop from a vacant desk so there may be other issues here. I'll retry my test on a known working computer to see what the results are.
    Details to follow....

  2. Mon Jun 4 18:20:59 2018
    K KDSM posted in SSD drive.

    Here is an update on installing 1803.
    I created a VM and installed the OS from an ISO file. That worked fine. I then uploaded the OS to CD. No issues there. Next I deployed to a laptop (HP 3115m) and the install worked but I have no nic drivers. The wireless does work but not the nic. So as an experiment I decided to install W10 1709 but it failed with this error: Parse error: Invalid Numeric Literal At Line 1 column 5
    Could not find additional distribution points. I checked the logs but didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
    I've attached then to this post

  3. Mon Jun 4 18:05:29 2018

    Hadn't looked into using Groups but after a quick review I see that I can do that.
    Thanks. Sorry for the confusion.


  4. Mon Jun 4 16:31:07 2018

    How about this alternate suggestion.
    On the computer screen setup for group assignments. So you would check all the computer you want to assign to a group then select the group.
    Maybe this would agree with every one?


  5. Mon Jun 4 14:36:29 2018

    I understand.

  6. Fri Jun 1 21:25:51 2018
    K KDSM started the conversation Add site name during discover process.

    Would it be possible to pick the site the computer is to be assigned during the discover process?
    So when you are deploying (or uploading an image) when it asks you to give a name of the computer you are working with you could also pick the site to assign it to from a dropdown menu in the same screen you fill out the computer name.

  7. Fri Jun 1 20:58:36 2018
    K KDSM posted in SSD drive.

    The report I have is that the deployment of the Windows 10 Image was successful.
    If other issue pop up I'll post them here.


  8. Thu May 31 21:14:19 2018
    K KDSM posted in SSD drive.

    OK I think I found out the issue. It's was my error, When I created the CD account for this tech I did not setup any ACL's rights for him.
    We have started the new upload and I will report back when the deploy of the new image has been sent.


  9. Thu May 31 21:12:40 2018
    K KDSM posted in SSD drive.

    I did the update and tested using an image that worked in the past (Windows 10 but not 1709) and that worked. However, when I syspreped the 1709 image it failed right after the tech entered his login username password. I've attached a picture of what was on the screen.

  10. Wed May 30 15:56:03 2018
    K KDSM posted in SSD drive.

    Next week things should slow down and hopefully I can do the update and try the test.

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