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    Thu Feb 15 18:33:30 2018
    K KDSM posted in Add computer to OU.

    I must have read the first post to my request as the only way it could be done.
    Thanks for setting me on the easy path. I'll try this again


  2. Thu Feb 15 15:36:08 2018
    K KDSM posted in Add computer to OU.

    Ok, I have embraced the power shell idea and have found a script that works when I run it on the computer to be added to the domain. But it doesn't work when it's processed via a deploy in CD.
    Here is the scrip that I'm using

    $cred = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PsCredential("domain\useraccountwithjoinpermissions", (ConvertTo-SecureString "useraccountpassword" -AsPlainText -Force))
    Add-Computer -DomainName "your.domain.here" -Credential $cred -OUPath "OU=computers,OU=yourlocation,DC=your,DC=domain,DC=here"

    And it's setup as follows.
    Computers, Computername I pick image profile of default
    in Images, "image name" Profile, Default scripts I have a scrip item with the above content modified for my environment.

    As I said the PS script works if I manually run it on my test machine but when I deploy to that same computer it doesn't add the computer to my domain.
    Is there something I'm missing?

    thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Wed Feb 7 18:05:55 2018
    K KDSM started the conversation Add computer to OU.

    I'm trying to figure out how to get CD to add a computer to a specific OU during the deploy process.
    Am I right in thinking it works like the computer name change procedure. ie. setup the unattend.xml then configuring a profile for that image?
    I have attached my unattend file as my issue might be with this xml file. (the extension shows txt but when I sysprep I rename it to xml)

    thanks for you help.

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    Mon Feb 5 17:36:12 2018
    K KDSM posted in server is not clustered.

    I found my problem. I'm running CD on a VM and someone rebooted that box. It caused the Windows os that is hosting CD to "fall off the domain". After adding it back all seems to be working.


  5. Sat Feb 3 00:02:02 2018
    K KDSM posted in server is not clustered.

    When I get that message it reboots the computer and the deploy does not happen. I will take a look at the troubleshooting link next week thanks

  6. Fri Feb 2 23:29:17 2018
    K KDSM started the conversation server is not clustered.

    I'm trying to auto add a computer to a specific OU when I deploy and windows 10 image.
    I keep getting this error. "Could not mount SMB share. The server is not clustered.
    I only have one CD server and all the files are stored on that box. Can someone direct me on this error?


  7. 4 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 22 15:37:33 2018
    K KDSM posted in Imaging w/o sysprep..

    Thanks that's all good news. I'm going to read up on unattended files so I can get this going.

  8. Mon Jan 22 15:11:13 2018
    K KDSM posted in Imaging w/o sysprep..

    The computer I used to create the image is registered with AD but I'm trying to figure out how to rename the computer and add it to AD during the imaging process. From what I have read a rename is done with an unattended file and to get it added to AD I'll need to have a script to perform that. My question is how do I select what OU the computer goes to without having to change or modify the script each time I want to image/deploy a computer?

    thanks for replying to my question(s).

  9. Fri Jan 19 18:49:22 2018
    K KDSM started the conversation Imaging w/o sysprep..

    I'm new to Clone Deploy and currently in the testing/learning phase so I have a question.
    I find that I can upload a windows 10 image to the server then deploy it to a different computer successfully. But because we are on Active Directory I need to add the newly computer back to the network. This is not an issue right now but my question is am I causing problems that may pop up later on?

    thanks for you input.

  10. Thu Jan 18 18:55:09 2018
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