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  1. 5 days ago
    Wed Feb 14 10:48:20 2018
    P processor posted in Problem with NVME disk.


    Never had this problem. Did you tried the chckdsk /f

  2. Wed Feb 14 09:14:09 2018
    P processor posted in Problem with NVME disk.


    everything is in your screenshot:

    restart your PC and run in cmd with admin rights : powercfg /h off

    then relaunch your image dump, everything should be ok.

  3. last week
    Mon Feb 12 09:39:56 2018
    P processor posted in Mail Notification.


    So I did several tests and mail notification works only for on demand request (not on web tasks) with login.

  4. Sun Feb 11 19:56:32 2018
    P processor posted in Mail Notification.


    Thanks for your answer. The user was previously set as an admin and the result was exactly the same. I set it as user with the right rights. I'll check the result tomorrow.
    If the result remain the same I'll enable authentication just for test, to be sure the feature works.
    I need both no login and notification but the no login feature is more important for me than notifications, so I'll may be have to make a choice.

    The purpose of the email set in admin email settings is just for tests? (sorry for my poor english)

  5. Sun Feb 11 09:08:12 2018
    P processor posted in can not restore images smb error.

    I'm quite new to clone deploy but :

    In Admin Settings > Server > Server Ip /FQDN : is it the right IP?
    In Computers > "The machine you want to deploy on" > is there any alternate IP selected ?

  6. Fri Feb 9 16:05:40 2018
    P processor started the conversation Mail Notification.


    How works the mail notification?
    I configured a service account that I use for deploy, upload and multicast.
    I use its security token in boot menu to login with this account.

    In the general settings of this user I check notify on task complete and on on task error. Of course I filled an email.

    I configured email admin settings, did a test which was OK. (test mail works)

    But at the end of a task I receive nothing and there is nothing in my syslog server.

    Many thanks by advance,


  7. Wed Feb 7 15:29:21 2018

    Forget What I said. I found what i did wrong. The real bug was between the chair and the keyboard. I'll remove it from the list.

  8. Wed Feb 7 14:11:50 2018

    I just re-checked and I confirm: The token does not update in boot menu once generated in security tab, even if we confirm that we want to update the boot menu. It has to be done manually.

    As I know only this behaviour, I thought it was normal.

    I updated my post about bugs.

  9. Wed Feb 7 10:02:43 2018
    P processor posted in pxe boot with uefi is possible?.

    If you want that your pxeboot.0 to be downloaded you have to also indicate your next server :

    next-server; (replace with your server IP)

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