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    Fri Aug 10 14:43:54 2018
    D djorgenson posted in Reset Password.

    Ummm...some sore of error? I can't deconstruct this, but there does seem to be an issue somewhere. Thanks for your help!

  2. Thu Aug 9 20:42:00 2018
    D djorgenson posted in Reset Password.

    Okay, sorry to do this, but I'm a newbie at mysql, could you explain that in more steps? Ubuntu 16.04 server running 1.3.5.

    I updated mono, and now get this error when I try to login to the web gui:

    Unknown Error With Token API

    I can still get into the server via ssh (or just by going to the machine, too)


  3. 10 months ago
    Thu Feb 1 17:39:04 2018
    D djorgenson started the conversation USB drive removable?.

    Just started testing out CloneDeploy, it's worked well so far, right now I have a question.

    We're using a USB drive to boot our machines, which works great. My question is: is the drive removable after a certain point in the process? Or do we need to have a bag full of drives if we want to image a lab, for instance.


  4. Thu Feb 1 17:34:14 2018
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