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    Fri Mar 16 08:35:11 2018

    Ohh perfect, that's pretty good news, thanks!

  2. Fri Mar 16 08:34:51 2018

    Ohh perfect, that's pretty good news, thanks!

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    Tue Mar 13 12:11:10 2018


    the idea with groups is not really practicable for us because just we (two admins) upload an image per type/model once and after that other users (we don't know them, so we also don't know how technical experienced they are) deploy the images (they don't upload images) as normal unicast image or multicast, it depends on the current situation and that's why we won't register the notebooks. And without registered devices groups are not working.

    Or does for this case any solution/workaround exist? Maybe we just can't find it.

    I hope you understand my procedure.

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    Fri Mar 9 14:02:23 2018

    We tested the function where an image can be deployed automatically based on the MAC-address, this works great.
    The problem we have is that we don't know the MAC addresses of the many Notebooks we have to deploy, but we know the model/type number of each device (which you can readout via the client console, booted from USB, with the "dmidecode" command).
    Is it possible to work with these information to deploy an image automatically to the specified device? If so, how can we do it? How can we send the selected information to the server and link it with the right image?
    So instead of deploying images based on the MAC address, we want deploy images based on model/type numbers automatically.

  5. Fri Mar 9 13:44:08 2018
    D danieltyraj started the conversation Customized Multicast Session description.

    To create a multicast session, you just can enter the specified image and the client count.
    In case of many multicast sessions it's hard to identify one session from each other.
    Is it possible to give the session a user defined name or information and can it be also shown in the overview list?

  6. Fri Mar 9 13:34:55 2018
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