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  1. 8 months ago
    Wed Mar 28 19:41:22 2018

    Found out the person who made the VM made it EFI in the settings, that's the problem. I can't change it back ill remake the VM.

  2. Wed Mar 28 19:40:31 2018

    ...4 dot thirteen not 4 dot one three, 4head. I'll try 4.13

  3. Tue Mar 27 21:12:44 2018

    I've captured a windows 10 image from a VM after syspreping in audit mode and checking generalize. I've captured the image successfully and deployed it successfully with no errors. Now when I boot the computer to the hard drive it instantly fails with no boot device found. It's not a UEFI/Legacy BIOS mismatch, I tried both in the bios of the cloned computer. What went wrong?

  4. Tue Mar 27 20:15:58 2018

    I'm working with 2 OptiPlex 7050s, even with the newest 4.5 x64 Kernel for the USB boot it doesn't find a nic driver. Is there a way to inject a driver into the USB or do I need to use a different boot option?

  5. Tue Mar 27 20:04:18 2018
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