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  1. 7 weeks ago
    Wed Oct 3 11:24:08 2018

    Perfect, changing the passwords solved the problem. Thanks a lot for help!

  2. Wed Oct 3 06:09:09 2018

    Well, i guess so...
    Should they be the same I set up during installation or is it something else?

  3. Tue Oct 2 14:03:49 2018

    Here it is:

  4. Tue Oct 2 13:58:48 2018

    Sorry, where exactly can i find the logs?

  5. Tue Oct 2 13:49:30 2018

    @clonedeploy Unfortunately that doesn't give me much to go on. Did you walk through the entire guide? What step did it fail on? Have you tried connecting to the share from another Windows machine? Have you checked the firewall?

    Yes, I followed all steps. No falls( and I can access the share folder from another Windows machine. Just need to verify firewall, but I guess it also should be ok.

  6. Tue Oct 2 11:40:42 2018

    permissions are also fine...

  7. Tue Oct 2 11:36:14 2018

    Hello sakbari,

    I am using the same settings on several servers, but only here there is such problem.

  8. Tue Oct 2 11:08:32 2018

    Hello sakbari,

    Unfortunately i use Windows :)

  9. Tue Oct 2 09:26:36 2018
    O Oleg_D started the conversation smb share and server is not clustered issue.

    Having this problem after installing CloneDeploy on new server. I have followed this guide http://clonedeploy.org/docs/smb-troubleshooting/ but did not help.

    Is there any other way to fix that?

  10. 5 months ago
    Wed Jun 13 07:29:31 2018
    O Oleg_D started the conversation Surface Pro 4 does not boot.

    Hi, I have a problem with booting on Surface Pro 4. The flash drive I created is working on Surface Pro (2017) and actually was working on other Surface Pro 4, but suddenly it is not working now for some old tablets, which also are Surface Pro 4. Maybe somebody faced this problem, because it seems like it doesn't boot right after you select CloneDeploy option.

    Thank you.

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