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  1. 5 months ago
    Mon Jun 11 01:52:42 2018

    NetRestore images are named "NetInstall.dmg" inside the macos_nbis folder, not NetBoot.dmg
    And the logs give me a file not found... did you hardcoded "NetBoot.dmg" somewhere?
    (I tried to rename to NetBoot.dmg but it's not working).

    The double / should not be important but it is, I tried this in my browser: give me 404 Http Exception. give me "true"

  2. 6 months ago
    Fri Jun 8 06:38:56 2018

    I just tried with an another NetInstall built from AutoCasperNBI and it's working..

    The 1st that didn't worked is a NetRestore image built from Apple Image Utility System
    Can't we use a NetRestore image ?

    PS: By the way the script launched after booting on NetInstall display an error :

    Could Not Contact CloneDeploy Server. Enter In A Web Browser.

    There is a double / before api.

  3. Fri Jun 8 06:09:47 2018

    I did the correction, then restarted the server but it's still not working.

    Same issue, it seems to load (access.log is different now) but when arround 100% anything more in access.log and progress bar seems to freeze on the macbook pro.

  4. Wed Jun 6 03:30:36 2018

    I got the globe when downloading booter using tftp, then got a progress bar... but the progress bar never ends... I wait more than 12h but nothing, it seems full at 100% but never ends.

    Seems like a http issue ? tftp seems good except for "tftp: client does not accept options".
    Nothing more in syslog than the screenshot attached.
    Also attached the access.log

  5. Fri Jun 1 01:21:00 2018

    It's not empty, it's just there is nothing interessing inside

  6. Thu May 31 02:44:12 2018

    I checked apache logs but nothing inside it.

    tftp seems to work well (cf. screen).
    http seems to work well too,

    in a browser download the file

    I tried to use Wireshark but anyone try to talk to cd server

  7. Wed May 30 01:10:03 2018

    I did change the apple-root-path in the config.ini file but nothing change, still the same logs and issues.

  8. Tue May 22 09:25:53 2018
    A afp started the conversation DHCP CD does not respond request.

    Hi guys,

    First, thank you for your amazing tool, it saved my life and my time so many times !

    I'm trying to setup a CloneDeploy server on Ubuntu Server 16.04 to deploy macOS images (High Sierra), I use cd dhcp proxy but it seems to not answer to my MacBookPro requests.

    I can see the 2 Netboot.img created but nothing more when I select one...
    I don't know if this is a cd dhcp proxy misconfiguration, or tftp, or anything else...

    Please find attach the cd dhcp logs, tftp service status and dhcp proxy config file.
    Thanks for your help!

    PS: btw, give me nothing, only works. Strange or normal ?

  9. Tue May 22 09:14:35 2018
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