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    Thu May 31 16:05:20 2018

    Thanks, sounds good :)

    Related to my workflow I see a small area for improvement, though I recognize that my workflow might not be that common. I currently only have 1 PC that I manage with CloneDeploy, but that PC does have many images associated with it (most of the time when I deploy I do it because I want to test something on a specific OS version). It would be nice when triggering a computer task that you would be prompted to choose an image from a drop down if the computer doesn't have any image associated with it.

  2. Thu May 31 11:43:06 2018
    M Magnus posted in Response code 500.

    I had the exact same symptoms after doing a 1.3.0 to 1.3.5 upgrade.

    I run the server under linux (ubuntu) and I believe the cause for me was incorrect permissions after the upgrade. What fixed it for me was to rerun the chown-command specified in the 1.3.0 install guide.
    sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /tftpboot /cd_dp /var/www/html/clonedeploy /var/www/.mono

    I know it's an old thread but when searching for this issue I found this thread so I thought I'd present a possible in the hopes of helping others that have turned to google.

  3. Thu May 31 11:28:34 2018
    M Magnus started the conversation Change new default image profile.


    new user of CloneDeploy and I really like it. However one thing I'm missing (or not getting) is default image profiles.

    Is there a way to update the default image profile that is used when a new image is created? (either globally, per computer or group)
    This would simplify the upload process immensely.

    Unfortunately the default default profile doesn't work for me (I need update BCD or I will get a BSOD on windows) and I'd really like better compression on upload. It puts a burden on the process if anyone but me is going to upload an image, I see how there is going to be confusions and friction when forgetting to update a setting results in a broken deploy (when uploading an image I almost always upload to a new image, because I want to preserve the old image in case I need to revert to a previous state).
    I also very much appreciate the process of uploading directly from the client and not having to prepare it before or refine it afterwards.

    Is this possible?

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