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    Sat Jun 23 05:39:30 2018


    I have try to make my first sysprep image from a windows 10 enterprise.
    I sysprep first and then i shutdown the computer, when i start up i make a image but after i deploy my system on a new laptop he says:

    Computer wasn't correct shutdown and the i must wait : "One moment" and that for houres ...
    When i shutdown manually, then he says: "one moment" and he prepare for finalize my windows after i can choose my wifi networks.

    How can i make that proces fully automatically ? Whats the reason that i "hangs" for houres ?
    Then computername is OK ;) he take it over from CloneDeploy.

  2. Fri Jun 22 12:41:18 2018

    I am responsible for 16 schools and I am looking for a simple solution for charging and configuring computers in Clonedeploy ;)

    And thx! ;)

  3. Fri Jun 22 12:39:19 2018

    Yes! indeed! it works :D

  4. Fri Jun 22 12:37:32 2018

    When i disable secure boot it must work ?

  5. Fri Jun 22 12:35:18 2018

    Nope .. is on ...

  6. Fri Jun 22 12:32:47 2018


    Ah owkay ;) i see that indeed in the bootmenu file.

    I use CloneDeploy DHCP and that works perfect for legancy boot but not for Pxe over ipv4.
    PXE mode set as proxy bios mode = pxelinux / efi32 = ipxe_efi / efi64 = ipex_efi

    My destination is that i take a device and that it works on efi and legacy :)

  7. Fri Jun 22 05:39:23 2018


    I'm new here and i have a question.
    I have try to run CloneDeploy on Ipv4 (UEFI) but it don't work.

    I read the forum and i saw that i must change the PXE and then create new bootfiles.
    Problem is that when i change it ... he don't save the changes ?

    I set 14.6 --> 13.2 but when i click on make bootfiles and i going to another tab and i go back, then its not change ... it stay whole the time on 14.6 ?

    I'm working with a Windows 10 Enterprise as server.
    Can you help me please ? :)

  8. Thu Jun 21 19:08:20 2018
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