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    Fri Jul 6 13:37:13 2018
    M Matteo started the conversation Generalized Image / Sysprep and Windows Key.

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm kinda new to the whole professional deployment process. Maybe some of you guys have an idea with my problem:
    I want to to have an generalized image (sysprep) of my HP 350 G2 WIN10 Prof Notebook. Right now I only got an image without sysprep.

    After deploying the notebook, I want windows to be already activated and each Notebook with its own Key, so the enduser just have to enter a computer name and password.

    As I told im new to the topic, and other forum posts to the topic sysprep didnt help me that much.
    I found in the profile of the image the topic "sysprep" but I dont know what to do there.
    Do I need the Windows Deployment Kit or is it enough to use the local sysprep file and then image the notebook again?

    Kind regards for all tips and advices coming :)

  2. Fri Jul 6 13:23:24 2018
    M Matteo posted in Error Partclone.

    So I think I found the error, there was somethign wrong when trying to rewite mbr /gpt, so I deleted some partition space so I had some unused bytes left at the end of the hard drive.
    After this everything worked fine.

  3. Fri Jun 29 09:40:23 2018
    M Matteo posted in Error Partclone.

    Do you need any further information or log ?

    Kind regards

  4. Thu Jun 28 13:25:24 2018
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  5. Thu Jun 28 13:13:13 2018
    M Matteo posted in Error Partclone.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Im not quite sure if the task finishes successfully. I dont think so. There seems to be an error with the deployment process. But yes

    Afterwards the Notebook tries to boot, windows bar is loading and then it boots again.
    I made picture, see attached file .

    Weird thing is that the Notebook which uploaded the Image works fine with no errors

  6. Thu Jun 28 09:46:12 2018
    M Matteo started the conversation Error Partclone.

    Hello Clonedeploy,

    first of all thank you for your work so far, i really enjoy using your deployment tools.
    But now I got a problem and I hope you can help me:
    I have been setting up an Win7 Image and did upload it. Everything is fine.
    When I want to deploy the Image to other clients, I get the Partclone error.
    Afterwards the client cant boot to windows anymore.

    Is there a problem with the image itself and the partitions?

    I Uploaded the Image im using twice and did deploy it multiple times to different clients.

  7. Thu Jun 28 09:36:50 2018
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