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  1. 3 months ago
    Mon Sep 17 13:55:09 2018

    Hi mstover

    I've got the same issue, also with a Windows 10 installation that has just been configured with basic software.

    Did you ever find a solution for this?

  2. Mon Sep 3 09:44:52 2018

    Thank you for the advice, reinstalled with Mono 5.12 and it's logging in now.

  3. Wed Aug 29 13:30:19 2018
    R rentware started the conversation Unknown Error after new installation.


    I've just completed a fresh installation of CloneDeploy 1.3 on a new installation of Ubuntu 16.05 as per the Install on Ubuntu guide and updated Web.config file the mysql login details.

    When I try to log into the web interface, it fails and the error 'Unknown Error With Token API' pops up. Please could you advise on what can be done. I've attached the frontend log file, the application log file is empty.

  4. Wed Aug 29 13:14:52 2018
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