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    Fri Jan 20 21:30:54 2017

    Yes I'm using Windows 7 and checking the Update BCD in deploy options alone allowed me to restore the image. Thank you very much!

  2. Thu Jan 19 21:48:31 2017

    Here is the upload log


  3. Thu Jan 19 20:45:00 2017
    F Franklin started the conversation Cant restore after editing partition.


    I have an acer laptop and they had some recovery partition on it so I removed the recovery partition and moved the unallocated space to the boot partition. I was able to upload the image but I'm unable to restore it to another laptop. I attached the logs. They say it is trying to restore to a target partition of 1MB. I used Gparted and I'm not seeing this 1MB partition. Is there another tool that might work better?


  4. Wed Jan 18 21:42:45 2017

    You can just delete this conversation, I got it taken care of. Thank you for your reply!

  5. 2 years ago
    Tue Nov 8 12:01:38 2016
    F Franklin posted in PXE booting in UEFI mode.

    Disabling fast startup with the powercfg command worked. Thanks!

  6. Tue Oct 18 13:46:31 2016
    F Franklin posted in PXE booting in UEFI mode.

    I'm not using Proxy DHCP. Should I be? I tried changing the pxe mode to all the different modes and none of them worked same results as before. Our other computers continued to work with the different pxe modes. Also I tried creating a bootable USB drive and while it would boot it would get stuck when trying to create the image. I attached an picture of what happens when trying to create an image with a USB drive.

  7. Mon Oct 10 12:39:45 2016
    F Franklin started the conversation PXE booting in UEFI mode.


    I'm trying to pxe boot a couple PCs in UEFI mode. When I attempt this it says Starting pxe over IPv4 and then it quits and boots to the OS. Im trying this on the Asus H81MC and Asus H110M motherboards. Is there a setting I need to change on the DHCP server? The DHCP server is running Windows Server 2012 R2. Also we have no issues with creating/restoring images with legacy BIOS computers.


  8. Wed Aug 3 21:19:36 2016

    I just setup a 2nd server with Clonedeploy version 1.0.1 and I'm able to upload and deploy the image. Maybe the pxe boot kernel in the later version 1.1.1 doesn't like the laptops I'm using.

    Adding on to this...
    I originally used Ghost to clone these laptops as legacy/MBR. Acer shipped them with some hybrid legacy GPT/MBR. Anyway after using Clonedeploy 1.0.1 to clone these laptops, I'm now able to clone (deploy) them with version 1.1.1. I tried switching the pxe kernel versions around on the new server for this image and deploy before setting up the server with Clonedeploy 1.0.1 but that didn't work. One thing I didn't try is change the kernel in the default boot menu because I was worried that might mess with some of my other images.
    Also wiping the drive of the laptop before deploying the image with clonedeploy 1.1.1 seemed to work and makes more sense than setting up a whole new server. I used activekilldisk to wipe the laptop and didn't even let it finish.

  9. Wed Aug 3 21:05:51 2016
    F Franklin posted in cannot open client console.

    I had On Demand Requires Login: set to no. My fault, sorry.

  10. Wed Aug 3 19:54:23 2016
    F Franklin started the conversation cannot open client console.

    When I try to log into client console it says that my account doesn't have permission. I'm using my admin account. Is there a different username and password that I should be using?

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