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    Sun Nov 18 05:48:05 2018
    I Iheartautomation posted in No winload.efi after Sysprep?.

    Yes. I checked after I restored it. Bitlocker shows as off, and that command returns off off. I also seem to run into issues with GPT partitions vs an MBR partition that you create when using a VM. I'm starting to wonder if imaging is worth all the trouble!

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    Fri Nov 16 04:09:16 2018
    I Iheartautomation started the conversation No winload.efi after Sysprep?.

    So, I ran into something interesting yesterday. We got some HP pro-desk mini's in for a client. I went to prepare a golden image using one of them. Uninstalled all bloatware, unnecessary stuff and installed chrome with all java, .net, etc. Sysprep works smoothly and computer shuts down. Today, I go to boot up and get the image onto my Clone Deploy server. I'm greeted with a blue screen of disappointment, no winload.efi found. I tried to boot into recovery, no BCD found. Anybody have any similar experience with this? I'm stumped. I tried disabling secureboot and TPM.

    Here's where it gets weirder. I restored the computer using a Veeam image I had taken previously, since I'm so used to things messing up in my life. After restore, the HDD shows a giant exclamation point like Bitlocker has an error. Bitlocker was never on in the first place. I cannot sysprep the restored image, the error in the log says that Bitlocker is on. To get around it, I did a complete factory restore from the restore partition.

    I'm having a rough time with this. I can't tell if it's Windows 10 related or if it's HP related.

    Thanks ahead of time.

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    Tue Nov 6 20:49:30 2018
    I Iheartautomation started the conversation DHCP Not working?.

    So, I'm trying a sandbox for Clonedeploy before I try a bunch of machines. I have the server(Laptop) and a desktop(Test machine). Below is my server info:

    Server IP:
    DHCP starting address:
    Seats: 100
    Boot File to pxeboot.0
    Subnet Mask:

    Restarting the tftpd32 service resets all my settings?
    I'm at a loss here. Please help.

  4. Mon Nov 5 13:49:04 2018
    I Iheartautomation posted in Cloning And Drivers Question:.

    Yes! That helps a lot. I think I'm going to forego the auto renaming route, since I'll be doing max 20 machines at once and I can rename them once they replace other machines on-site. I appreciate all of your assistance.

  5. Sun Nov 4 22:48:20 2018
    I Iheartautomation posted in Cloning And Drivers Question:.

    Thanks again! Btw, the free version is only limited as far as no pre-packaged deploys, is limited to one step in a package you make and scheduling isn't available. Otherwise, it's great for pushing software. Office 365, Trend, and Connectwise Automage agents are mostly what I use it for. The fact it ties into your AD is a life saver. You can push to OU's specifically. Great for any MSP or in-house IT imo.

    As far as the answer file, do I have to make an answer file for the renaming? Or jussut edit the sysprep image profile?

    Thanks again!

  6. Sun Nov 4 16:43:44 2018
    I Iheartautomation posted in Cloning And Drivers Question:.

    Thanks for the chime in, Wizman87. I'm going to be using PDQ Deploy to deploy everything necessary to the computer, since it's just easier to keep track of and I'm familiar with it. I checked out the global properties link for the auto rename, but I didn't see any detailed instructions on how to change the sysprep tag? Any help there would be greatly appreciated.


  7. Sat Nov 3 19:32:40 2018
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    Here is my scenario. We are deploying 26 new computers that are the exact same model and have the same configuration. I want to use one of them as my base with all Win10 updates, driver updates, office install, etc. I've never done any PXE booting, I've only used USB bootable cloning that does bare metal restores. The HP's have restore partitions, and I want to keep them for warranty purposes. So, here's my questions:

    1. Will I be able to push one image with all drivers included and the restore partition to all of the others? It will be on an isolated network without access to the Internet using CloneDeploy DHCP.
    2. Will machines be auto renamed so I don't have to manually go to each one after?


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