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    Wed Nov 21 13:12:23 2018


    rebuilding the partitions was a perfect tip. With the new uploaded image all non functional nvme disks can be deployed successfull.
    Thanks for that :)

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  2. Wed Nov 21 08:37:36 2018


    log is attached from a succesfully installed ssd.

  3. Tue Nov 20 14:06:59 2018


    we have a primary 39 MB Partition with a bootloader, primary 80 GB Partition for windows and then an extended partition with 3-4 logical partitions.

    I try to reformate one of my masters and clone partitions. After that I will see what happens on deploying next time.

    Do you know why only nvme has this problem?

  4. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Nov 20 07:29:20 2018


    here the attachements.

    best regards

  5. Mon Nov 19 15:51:37 2018
    I imbus started the conversation nvme disks - Could Not Create Partition Layout.

    Hi everybody,

    we have problems with deploying images on nvme disks.

    One master of images has a 250 GB ssd disk and the other has a 250 GB nvme disk. While deploying every nvme disk model can react different. Either it works or not. The disk size is equal or greater to the masters. Somethimes I have luck with the ssd image or with the nvme.
    I dont unterstand why. The failure is always the same: Could Not Create Partition Layout
    He breakes up while partitioning.
    Now I have an nvme samsung 500 GB 970 evo and i can't go on.

    Can you help?

  6. Mon Nov 19 15:18:54 2018
    I imbus joined the forum.