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  1. 1 hour ago
    Wed Jun 20 17:27:48 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Windows 10 on HPZ4.

    This is an EFI image as seen by the partition layout

    Device          Start        End    Sectors  Size Type
    /dev/sda1        2048    1023999    1021952  499M Windows recovery environment
    /dev/sda2     1024000    1056767      32768   16M Microsoft reserved
    /dev/sda3  4295989248 4296194047     204800  100M EFI System
    /dev/sda4  4296194048 7814035455 3517841408  1.7T Microsoft basic data

    You need to upload from an efi boot option. You can see from the log that you did not.

    Checking if NVRAM needs updated
    mount: mounting none on /sys/firmware/efi/efivars failed: No such file or directory
    Existing NVRAM
    EFI variables are not supported on this system.
    EFI Variables Are Not Available
  2. 2 days ago
    Mon Jun 18 12:46:49 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Windows 10 on HPZ4.

    Your deploy logs look like two different images, one is efi and one is bios. Are you deploying to the same type of machine with efi or bios that matches the image?

  3. Mon Jun 18 12:42:46 2018
    clonedeploy posted in WINPE BOOT Issue.

    Pxe should not be your first startup option.

  4. Mon Jun 18 12:41:48 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Windows 10 repair after deploy.

    I would need the upload log as well. Is this Windows 10 1709 or newer, if so you need to upload with 1.3.5.

  5. Mon Jun 18 12:40:13 2018
    clonedeploy posted in macOS Imaging Environment Issue .

    Are you using the mac environment or the linux? Is your image type set to macos?

  6. Mon Jun 18 12:39:34 2018
    clonedeploy posted in upload and deploy windows 10 1709.

    Did you upload the image after you upgraded to 1.3.5?

  7. last week
    Tue Jun 12 12:58:30 2018
    clonedeploy posted in WINPE BOOT Issue.

    Winpe doesn't have the boot options, it always boots to winpe.

  8. Tue Jun 12 12:57:55 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Windows 10 on HPZ4.

    Have you updated to 1.3.5?
    Can you attach your upload and deploy logs?

  9. Tue Jun 12 12:57:18 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Deloy Multiple Images on the same PC.

    Sorry, that is not a feature of CloneDeploy.

  10. Fri Jun 8 13:26:35 2018
    clonedeploy posted in How to create an bootable USB..

    Can you upgrade to 1.3.x? The docs aren't going to match older versions.

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