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  1. last week
    Fri Jun 8 12:55:28 2018
    clonedeploy posted in How to create an bootable USB..

    If you are using 1.3.x it should prompt you to download automatically after you click generate.

  2. Fri Jun 8 12:54:01 2018
    clonedeploy posted in WINPE BOOT Issue.

    The drivers directory is supposed to be empty. That is where you add your own drivers if necessary. Someone told me once the build fails if any of the directories have a space in them.

    Try making a folder directly on c: Maybe something like c:\pebuilder and put the scripts directly there.

  3. Fri Jun 8 12:51:11 2018

    Thanks for the update, I'll look into it.

  4. Fri Jun 8 12:50:48 2018
    clonedeploy posted in DHCP CD does not respond request.

    I have never tested a NetRestore. Seems like it should work.

    Not sure about your api error. You should just be able to copy that url into safari from the nbi to see if it can reach the server. The double / doesn't matter.

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Jun 7 12:53:36 2018

    At this point I don't know what's happening. I'll need to try and replicate the issue. Do you know if a stock CentOS 7.5 install works properly?

  6. Thu Jun 7 12:45:55 2018
    clonedeploy posted in WINPE BOOT Issue.

    This seems to be more of an issue with WinPE than CloneDeploy, none of the CloneDeploy scripts have even started yet. Perhaps it's driver related, missing storage driver or nic? How much ram is in this machine? Have you tried it on any other models?

  7. Wed Jun 6 14:51:16 2018

    Also can you try this on the machine you are trying to deploy to.
    Boot to the client console and run

    sgdisk -Z /dev/sda

    Then try to deploy it again.

  8. Wed Jun 6 14:46:36 2018

    Can you post that deploy log?

  9. Wed Jun 6 14:19:06 2018

    Did you try setting Force Dynamic Partition For Exact Hdd Match

  10. Wed Jun 6 13:14:09 2018

    /bin/lie_global_functions: line 17 <3604> Terminated is normal, a background process is started and terminated for each partition.

    Can you attach the upload and deploy logs?

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