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  1. 6 days ago
    Wed Sep 19 14:49:53 2018

    tmp var and var_log_audit are not deploying because the logical volumes are too small. In your custom size, change the unit to mb(I'm not sure why the header column says (MB) don't think that's valid) give each one approx 500 more than the resize value. So temp has a resize value of 1502 according to your schema, give it a custom size of 2002.

    Also have you tried without giving your lv's custom sizes?

  2. Wed Sep 19 14:39:53 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Assign image to multiple computers.


    1.) Just put them in a group and use the group properties to define whatever you want for each comuter in the group

    2.) There is currently no way to do that, the schema is erased on each upload. We could probably work around it by passing an argument, similar to question 3.

    3.) It is fixed, but not released yet. 1.4.0 is basically done, but there were a lot of changes done to the Linux imaging environment. I still need to do a lot of testing before I can release it, unfortunately I haven't had much extra time lately.

  3. Wed Sep 19 14:34:52 2018

    That's just a warning, not the cause of your problem. Can you attach the entire log.

  4. last week
    Fri Sep 14 14:59:28 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Auto naming.

    In the image profile deploy options you can disable it.

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Sep 7 18:44:18 2018
    clonedeploy posted in SMB Share and Accts not created.

    Thanks for the info. I have created a new MSI installer, which will be released in the next version, that should help with this.

    The reboot command has also been fixed, not released yet.

    Source code is already on github.

  6. Fri Sep 7 13:28:33 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Image deploy not getting new SID.

    sids get reset when you sysprep with the generalize flag. Did you use /generalize when you ran sysprep?

  7. Thu Sep 6 13:11:57 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Win 10 Imaging.

    I do not have one. Here is a post of someone else who attached their file, it may or may not work for you.

  8. Thu Sep 6 13:05:46 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Win 10 Imaging.

    That's not really part of CloneDeploy. It doesn't care. It's up to you to create your answer file the way you like it. You need to use the Official Microsoft tools, such as Windows ADK

    Or third party, which may or may not be easier.
    Windows AFG

  9. Thu Sep 6 12:54:11 2018

    CloneDeploy is open source licensed under GPLv3. You can do what you want with it as long as it stays open source. CloneDeploy is only an imaging solution, it does not manage devices after they are imaged.

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