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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Nov 27 12:51:19 2018

    You don't need to change the file, just put it in your tftpboot directory, then

    Modify /etc/default/tftpd-hpa
    Add -m /tftpboot/remap to the tftp options

    restart tftp service

    You can get pe builder 1.2.1 from the downloads page

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Nov 21 02:30:55 2018
    clonedeploy posted in winpe PE-Maker-files position.

  3. Tue Nov 20 14:20:14 2018

    I would need to see a deploy log for a working one without nvme. I believe the issue is all because of the starting sector 63, it appears to be causing the problem. Starting the partitions at sector 63 hasn't been done since Windows XP. From the looks of it, using CloneDeploy with more than 1 partition if the first partition starts at 63 will cause problems.

  4. Tue Nov 20 13:19:22 2018

    Are you sure that mono installed? what version do you get from mono -v

  5. Tue Nov 20 13:09:18 2018

    This isn't a problem with nvme but instead your partition layout. It's very odd, starts at sector 63 and has 7 partitions, I think CloneDeploy is having trouble handling the layout. Since this isn't efi you must be using logical partitons on Windows, is that a requirement for you?

  6. Tue Nov 20 12:59:22 2018
    clonedeploy posted in CentOS 7 - 503 Error.

    Did you disable selinux?

  7. Mon Nov 19 16:04:54 2018

    can you attach the upload log and a failed deploy log

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Sun Nov 18 02:36:02 2018
    clonedeploy posted in API Documentation.

    Did you get this figured out, everything you need should be available through swagger.

  9. Sun Nov 18 02:35:06 2018
    clonedeploy posted in No winload.efi after Sysprep?.

    Are you sure bitlocker was completely off? I usually do it from cmd.

    manage-bde -status
    manage-bde -off
  10. Wed Nov 14 12:39:54 2018
    clonedeploy posted in Problems with "Change Computer Name".

    Thanks for the update, it happens to all of us.

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