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  1. 5 months ago
    Fri Dec 22 19:31:07 2017

    The nbis are in C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\application\public\macos_nbis\0001\ per your instructions here: https://clonedeploy.org/docs/using-the-macos-imaging-environment/

    So change that in the config.ini file? Also when making the nbi?

  2. Fri Dec 22 19:10:36 2017

    Here's the latest log from IIS

  3. Fri Dec 22 17:00:57 2017

    It gets past the spinning globe and then the progress bar continues to the end and then it just hangs. That error is the only thing I see in the logs for today and the only thing that I've done today is to try and netboot a client. I made the nbi with autodmg and yesterday's download of the 10.13.2 installer.

    As I mentioned earlier I uninstalled 1.3.0 beta, deleted the left over clonedeploy folder and then installed 1.3.0 and copied the patch folders for 1.3.3 over. I had to recreate the base url from http://[serverip]/clonedeploy to http://[serverip]/clonedeploy/service/client.asmx/ and looking at that error it looks like some api files may need to be rebuilt.

  4. Fri Dec 22 14:05:20 2017

    I finally found this in the logs:

    2017-12-21 10:55:48,851 [9] ERROR CloneDeploy_ApiCalls.ApiRequest Response Data Was Null For Resource: api/ActiveImagingTask/RecreatePermanentTasks/

  5. 6 months ago
    Fri Dec 15 19:14:29 2017

    Sorry, I forgot to change .log to .txt. Hopefully this time it comes through.

  6. Fri Dec 15 18:03:38 2017
    M MunkiMan started the conversation Not finding NetBoot after upgrade to 1.3.3.

    I recently upgraded one of our clonedeploy servers from 1.3.0 to 1.3.3. I did so by uninstalling 1.3.0 first as I have not had success in the past just merging the patch files with the currently existing clonedeploy server. After the uninstall I removed any files left by the uninstaller in the clonedeploy folder. The install seems to have been successful since I can log into the server change settings, etc. However, when I try to netboot my devices see netboot and try to boot, but after about 10 minutes they fail to get to the netboot image. I have attached a log, you can ignore the client install entries I'm not too worried about that. it appears that their is some api call that clonedeploy is expecting, but not finding.

  7. 10 months ago
    Wed Aug 16 15:12:22 2017
    M MunkiMan started the conversation Trouble uploading iMac 4k image.

    I'm having trouble uploading a new image from a new iMac model 18,2. This is the 4k Retina iMac with USB-C and the dreaded Fusion drive. When attempting to upload a full image I get this error: "/bin/cd_pull: line 354: * 1000 * 1000 : syntax error: operand expected (error token is "* 1000 * 1000")". When attempting to just upload the schema I cannot view the schema in the web interface and if I look at it in a text editor it appears to have no UUID for the drive. Here is what the schema reads:

    {"harddrives": [ {"name":"/dev/sda","size":"1953525168","table":"mbr","boot":"","lbs":"512","pbs":"4096","guid":"","active":"true","partitions": [ ,{"name":"/dev/nvme0n1","size":"6835938","table":"mbr","boot":"","lbs":"4096","pbs":"4096","guid":"","active":"true","partitions": [ ] }

    I've also attached a log from uploading that schema

  8. last year
    Thu Apr 20 13:52:14 2017

    I dropped this for a bit, but came back to it in the last few days. I finally fixed the issue with MacBook Airs. This fix assumes that all devices have a Wi-Fi network port. I feel this is a pretty safe assumption in 2017 even with older Apple devices. This also assumes that identifying a device by Wi-Fi mac address as opposed to ethernet mac address does not adversely effect how CloneDeploy treats the device.

    I checked to see that the osx_task_list script looks at all mac addresses on a given device before determining if a task has been assigned to that device. Since this is the case CloneDeploy should check for active tasks for Wi-Fi as well as ethernet which means that it should not matter which mac is the primary identifier.

    Next I went back to the osx_register script and changed the entry in line 9 to

    mac=$(networksetup -listallhardwareports | grep -A 3 "Wi-Fi" | grep "Ethernet Address:" | cut -d " " -f 3)

    This will now choose the Wi-Fi network port as the primary mac address when registering a new device. So far in testing it has worked properly.

  9. Thu Mar 23 13:54:11 2017

    I have not noticed any pattern which is the most frustrating part about it. It is important to note that these devices will image on an older CloneDeploy server that does not use the Mac imaging environment (version 1.0.1p3). Also important to note that other devices image just fine on our main production server (version 1.2.0).

  10. Thu Mar 23 13:11:26 2017
    M MunkiMan started the conversation SMB Share not mounting for some clients, but not all.

    I'm having trouble with certain devices not being able to image. I get an error upon selecting any image that the smb share could not mount citing an authentication error. These are all apple devices and imaging in the Mac imaging environment.

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