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  1. 10 months ago
    Wed Jan 17 16:09:47 2018


  2. Wed Jan 17 15:59:18 2018


  3. Wed Jan 17 15:49:07 2018

    Analyzed tcpdump on proxydhcp with Wireshark.
    For some reason it refers the Macbook Pro to ipxe:

  4. Tue Jan 16 16:35:55 2018

    Changed it to blank and restarted proxydhcp, same result.

  5. Tue Jan 16 16:31:04 2018

    Yes I've changed it to 1.

  6. Tue Jan 16 16:28:47 2018

    I've done as you said and followed the rest of the guide, but both MacMini and MacBookPro keep booting into iPXE.

    I've verified:

    1. Owner of relevant paths (and their subfolders/files) is www-data:www-data
    2. apple-root-path matches the path displayed by C/D web UI (/api was missing)

    Don't know what I could be missing.

  7. Tue Jan 16 15:10:17 2018

    Eventually I found the "Add NetBoot Profile" button which did the magic.
    However the new vendor id string wasn't helpful.

    The MacMini seems to boot properly into iPXE and from there to the C/D menu (Upload, Deploy, etc.).
    Is it possible that this MacMini already "has" the proper imaging environment?

    And when should id 3913 be used then?

  8. Tue Jan 16 14:28:13 2018

    The iPXE error page suggests to:

    "Try using the latest version of iPXE. Your problem may have already been fixed."

    iPXE's git shows the last release (1.0.0) was 7 years ago, but commits keep coming to this day.

    How do I know which version is used by C/D?
    Where paths are relevant if I want to try using the newest iPXE instead of the current one?

  9. Tue Jan 16 08:51:05 2018

    For comparison, here's what it looks like in 1.3.3:

    And in 1.2.1:

    It looks like something's missing in 1.3.3.

  10. Mon Jan 15 16:32:52 2018

    Also, help file /clonedeploy/views/help/admin-netboot.aspx seems to be missing.

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