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  1. 10 months ago
    Mon Jan 29 11:58:49 2018
    F fringilla posted in Error after cancelling.

    I managed to edit core scripts to work the way I need and to avoid this error screen. So case closed.

  2. Fri Jan 19 07:10:21 2018
    F fringilla posted in Error after cancelling.

    No, we use mostly unregistered multicasts.

  3. Thu Jan 18 07:36:46 2018
    F fringilla started the conversation Error after cancelling.

    I'm getting this screen (image in attachement) if I cancel when choosing any of the tasks (deploy, upload, multicast) or no multicast session was selected. I had it in version 1.3.2 so I've updated to 1.3.3 but it's still the same. Beside that everything works fine but clonedeploy is used by other employees and they freak out a bit when they see this.

    I forgot to mention that I edited boot menu to add On demand option and set it as default. I checked that if I use Clonedeploy option in boot menu everything works fine. So it's must be on demand option that cause that error. Can something be done to fix this? On demand option in boot menu is very important for me.

  4. 11 months ago
    Fri Dec 29 09:51:59 2017
    F fringilla posted in Multicast problem.

    Sorry for not replying. I didn't have time to work on it during last two weeks.
    Disabling firewall worked. For the moment it's disabled, later I will try to find out what exception should be created.

  5. last year
    Fri Dec 15 07:29:40 2017
    F fringilla posted in Multicast problem.

    Yes, it is. I forgot about that. Should I change something in firewall settings?

  6. Thu Dec 14 14:43:18 2017
    F fringilla posted in Multicast problem.

    No, there's only one.
    I will reinstall everything and check once again.

  7. Wed Dec 13 07:54:25 2017
    F fringilla posted in Multicast problem.

    From Admin > Logs? There are no logs from unsucessful sessions.
    Unless you mean log from c:\program files\clonedeploy\application\private\logs - there's log from today's multicast:

    12-13-17 08:49 Starting Multicast Session With The Following Command:
    cmd.exe /c ""C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\application\private\apps\udp-sender.exe" --file "C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\cd_dp\images\image1\hd0\part1.ntfs.lz4" --portbase 9014 --min-receivers 1 --ttl 32 --blocksize 700 & "C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\application\private\apps\udp-sender.exe" --file "C:\Program Files (x86)\clonedeploy\cd_dp\images\image1\hd0\part2.ntfs.lz4" --portbase 9014 --min-receivers 1 --ttl 32 --blocksize 700"

  8. Tue Dec 12 17:12:41 2017
    F fringilla posted in Multicast problem.

    I already tried that, I found that solution in different conversation.

  9. Tue Dec 12 07:31:06 2017
    F fringilla posted in Multicast problem.

    I tried with one and two computers, in both cases the same result. Deploying works fine.

  10. Mon Dec 11 11:55:28 2017
    F fringilla started the conversation Multicast problem.

    At the beginning I say that I'm new to Clonedeploy and to this type of software so there's a lot I don't know.
    At the small company I work we used linux server with Clonedeploy 1.1 which was installed and configured by former employee. We used it to install small batch of PCs at one time by "start on demand multicast" (every time it's different batch, different MACs etc.). Unfortunately hdd crashed so I had to configure Clonedeploy by myself on new PC. I installed latest version (1.3.2) on Win7Pro PC which works in separate network (not connected to our local network or internet, just pc and switch). I was able to configure Clonedeploy and upload some images but when I tried to install it on PCs I get to this point and just nothing happens:

    ** Starting Image Download For /dev/sda1 **
    Udp-receiver 20120424
    UDP receiver for (stdout) at on eth0
    Partclone v0.2.90 http://partclone.org
    Starting to restore image (-) to device (/dev/sda1)

    As I said I'm new so I could do something wrong. Could you suggest what may be wrong?

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