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    Sun Sep 30 20:17:26 2018
    P processor posted in Assign image to multiple computers.

    Hi regarding to mutlicast, did you configured the multicast in image profile?

    For instance to make it works in my enviroment I had to configure these two things in my image profiles:

    Sender Arguments:
    Receiver Arguments:

    With for instance :

    --interface for Sender Arguments, which tell that for this session, the server will send the image using this IP.

    and --mcast-rdv-address for Receiver Arguments wich the client the server has the IP

  2. Sun Sep 30 20:02:27 2018
    P processor posted in Network card utilization .


    I use CloneDeploy for months now and we intall between 100 and 300 computers per week.
    I use the alternate server IPs but not as you want. (I read quickly, sorry if i did not well understoud)
    In fact I use vlans for several classroom and I have a dedicated vlan for each classroom.
    So my CD server has vlan interface for each classroom and I have to access the server via each alternate
    server IPs.

    Then, for your request, I don't what is your hardware, how your windows is installed, but for instance some of my servers are Virtualized Windows on ESXI. The hardware have serveral nics and is connected to
    a cisco switch that support etherchannel. I do IP hashing and the traffic is split on all the nics.

    I pretty sure the a Windows 2k12 server is able to do such things, associated with the right hardware.

    I hope I have been clear enough.

  3. 7 months ago
    Fri May 4 13:05:51 2018
    P processor posted in Error booting after clone.


    Disable shrink did not helped. But My colleague build the PC source using CentOS self-partitionning then modify it. And the issue was there.
    I rebuild the Centos by myself, did the partitioning by myself too.... And everything is OK!

    I don't know if the problem comes from the way the partitioning is done by the installation CD or because my colleague let the installation process do it and then modify it, but CloneDeploy is not part of the problem. Good news!!

  4. Thu May 3 10:17:34 2018
    P processor posted in Error booting after clone.

    Sorry. Here are 2 fresh logs.
    One from source computer, other from Destination. Same image.

  5. Wed Apr 25 16:14:12 2018
    P processor posted in Error booting after clone.

    Here are the two logs. The deploy seems to have error related to EBR but honestly I don't know why and what to do.

    Many thanks by advance for your help.

  6. Mon Apr 23 18:48:12 2018
    P processor posted in Error booting after clone.

    Hi, We had a very similar problem with Centos7.
    3 partitions:

    • 1 swap standard
    • 1 home LVM xfs
    • 1 / LVM xfs

    We tried to upload it several times (even changing FS in ext4) but nothing worked.
    The best result we had :
    Seems to start but finished with an error message abut Dracut.
    The worst result : Image refuse to deploy.

    I'll try to upload my logs this week.

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    Fri Mar 23 21:29:37 2018
    P processor started the conversation Group Multicast Logs.


    I think I checked nearly all logs but I did not found a log for the group multicast session but only for each client.
    I'm wondering if a log telling if the session went till the end, if a client left etc. exists.

    Basically I install remotely 300 PCs each week, and checking each pc one by one would be hard to do.

    Thanks by advance if anyone has information about that.

  8. Fri Mar 23 21:12:16 2018
    P processor posted in Setup a default profile.

    Hi Yes it is

    You have create your image and image profile on server before upload it,

    Just :

    • go there : http://"yourserverip"/clonedeploy/views/images/search.aspx
    • Create your image
    • Once created, on left panel click on Profiles
    • You have 2 choices: modify the default profile or create a new one
    • Inside the profile just go in upload tab and do what you need to do.



  9. Mon Mar 19 16:26:21 2018
    P processor posted in Front End Logs errors.

    Please check this post :


  10. Mon Mar 19 08:54:41 2018
    P processor posted in Front End Logs errors.

    I'm using CloneDeploy on Ubuntu 16.0.3 without any problem.
    What kind of error do you have? (messages, screenshots)

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