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    Mon Mar 12 14:38:34 2018
    P processor posted in Partition overlaping after deploy.

    I have 2 nice bluescreens with these messages (Translated from french to english so may be not accurate) :

    -Required device not connected or unavailable
    error code : 0xc000000e
    Press F8 etc.

    Then if we press F8:

    Unable to load Application or Operating system. Required file is missing or may be corrupted
    File : Windows \System32\winload.exe
    Error code : 0xc0000225
  2. Mon Mar 12 14:03:23 2018
    P processor posted in Partition overlaping after deploy.


    Find attached the complete log file.

  3. Mon Mar 12 13:20:09 2018
    P processor started the conversation Partition overlaping after deploy.


    I uploaded a 1To disk and created a block mode image. (Windows 10 Last updated with a bunch of software, only 300Go of data in total)
    Then I deployed on a 500Go HD.

    I had this message :

    *************************************************************** Found invalid GPT and valid MBR; converting MBR to GPT format in memory. *************************************************************** Warning! Secondary partition table overlaps the last partition by 33 blocks! You will need to delete this partition or resize it in another utility. Disk /dev/sda: 937703088 sectors, 447.1 GiB Logical sector size: 512 bytes Disk identifier (GUID): 2685BB1E-B8A4-4BDA-986D-67D51D3495F4 Partition table holds up to 128 entries First usable sector is 34, last usable sector is 937703054 Partitions will be aligned on 2048-sector boundaries Total free space is 3842 sectors (1.9 MiB) Number Start (sector) End (sector) Size Code Name 1 2048 24250587 11.6 GiB 0700 Microsoft basic data 2 24252416 937703087 435.6 GiB 0700 Microsoft basic data ** Closing Active Task **

    I then read that block mode prevent from deploying an image created from a larger disk than destination disk even if datas fit in.
    So I deployed with ghost on a 500Go HD, re-upload with CD and the re-deploy with CD on another 500Go HD.

    Unfortunately for my I have exactly the same error.

    If someone have an idea, you are welcome.

  4. Mon Mar 12 09:20:32 2018
    P processor posted in Downloading Core Scripts Error.

    I don't know if you are using a Windows or a Linux Server.
    Upgrade require to replace files. I don't remember what is copied and where, but may be you should
    start to check if the expected rights are applied, then recheck your passwords as suggested in previous posts.


  5. Fri Mar 9 15:21:31 2018
    P processor posted in Downloading Core Scripts Error.

    Pleased to read this. I assume the problem was a wrong password?

  6. Fri Mar 9 14:14:23 2018
    P processor posted in Downloading Core Scripts Error.


    As far as I know error 500 means access/permission denied. Did you check the rights on the folders created for CD? Not sure from which one the core script are downloaded. Then still not sure it has something to do with it but are you sure that the cd_share_ro password is good here :



  7. Fri Mar 9 14:07:49 2018


    You can create groups, you can create one for each model and if you want, associate an image to each group.


  8. Fri Mar 9 14:05:43 2018


    I suppose that your purpose is to identify the session to attach to in case of multiple multicast session.
    As far as I know what you are asking is not yet implemented and i'm not sure I'll be one day, but may be to be sure that your PC are attached to the right session you you can put them in groups and start group multicast session.

    I hope it help.


  9. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Mar 7 07:53:55 2018
    P processor posted in Error uploading image.


    Not sure this is your issue as you can load old images without any problem but is the default boot on your machine PXE? If yes, I assume that you try to start your OS from first CloneDeploy menu.

    I have some PCs that refuse to start from this menu with the default options. (for instance Dell Optiplex 790)

    If PXE is your default boot, try to avoid it by escaping when it try to get an ip at PC start.

  10. 5 weeks ago
    Wed Feb 14 10:48:20 2018
    P processor posted in Problem with NVME disk.


    Never had this problem. Did you tried the chckdsk /f

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