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    Mon Feb 12 15:53:47 2018
    C carlottit1234 started the conversation modify winpe image to disabled firewall for multicast.

    I wanted to know if Firewall is Enable on WINPE clonedeploy Images, because I want to do multitast cloning using WinPE.
    If it is Enable it is possible de Disable it on WinPE image by Edit the image with IMAGEX and then to regenerate the WIM file?
    I thank you very much
    Thierry CARLOTTI

  2. Mon Feb 12 09:32:14 2018

    I send a video MOV file . Rename it with mov extension.
    The boot environnement is linux 4.5x64
    The pc freeze maybe i must add an argument before doing usb generation

  3. Mon Feb 12 08:54:54 2018

    I forgot the log file ...

  4. Mon Feb 12 08:54:01 2018

    I thank you for your answer. I send in attach jpg file multicast logs.
    I work with more clients Hp Probook 430 g4 with windows 10 64 enterprise, and i can't boot on it with Linux imaging environnement. I have tried all available 64-bit clonedeploy boot client , and no running on my client 's PC .
    When I boot with the linux environment the PC freezes. If you have other kernel version to launch the clonedeploy client environment I'm more interested.

  5. Fri Feb 9 11:03:07 2018

    I come back on my problem with multicast. I send a attach file below.
    A start multicast on demand with 2 client on pxe
    A created before a multicast session with my image that I want to deploy

    at the end, on 2 pc **Deploying Image For Partition 3 *** is display but it doesn't start
    When I press return ok signal send, but cloning don't start.....

  6. Fri Feb 9 10:12:45 2018
    C carlottit1234 posted in winpe PE-Maker-files position.

    I was that. It's working now. I thank you very much.

    Thierry CARLOTTI
    DSI- University of Corsica

  7. Thu Feb 8 15:38:37 2018
    C carlottit1234 posted in winpe PE-Maker-files position.

    I have put files in the tftpboot and pxeboot.0 is downloaded on the pc, but i have the message in attach files.
    What to you think about ?

  8. Thu Feb 8 14:42:36 2018
    C carlottit1234 posted in winpe PE-Maker-files position.

    ok, thanks

  9. Thu Feb 8 14:37:17 2018
    C carlottit1234 started the conversation winpe PE-Maker-files position.

    I would like to know where i must place winpe images in the tftpboot. I have a message below
    "Cannot Use WinPE. You have Not Updated Your tftpboot Folder With CloneDeploy PE

    I have a server with ubuntu 4.4.0_87 and updated to clonedeploy 1.3.3
    Thanks very much

  10. Wed Feb 7 08:38:31 2018
    C carlottit1234 posted in pxe boot with uefi is possible?.

    I have seen in the download section CloneDeploy Proxy DHCP zip package but it only for windows. Hence I have install isc-dhcp-server but I don't know if my config is ok to work well the clonedeploy unbuntu. I joint it in attach file below.
    Can you tell me ?.
    More when i change my pxe mode to ipxe_efi i wonder who the config of my DHCP server is modified my Clonedeploy boot in particular for the boot filemane include inside my dhcpd.conf. I make de mistake i think by putting the name of this file inside my dhcpd.conf ?????

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