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    Fri Mar 2 13:38:51 2018
    E eurotrash posted in Image upload file partition.

    i forgot to attach the file, sorry

  2. Thu Feb 22 09:34:59 2018
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    Can you help me with image upload from this computer to the CloneDeploy server? I think the tech that installed the computer has mixed up the partition tables and the disc might have GPT and MBR? Thank you

  3. Thu Feb 22 09:11:28 2018
    E eurotrash posted in PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout.

    Had the same problem. The firewall has to be opened both ways from server to client(dhcp range) on port 69 betweem the two VLAN

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    Sat Feb 10 15:10:49 2018
    E eurotrash posted in LDAP Integration.

    Thank you.

    What worked for me though was setting the LDAP Authentication Type: to Secured. When this was set everything worked at once. So I recommend setting this if you are running a std. MS active directory setup.

  5. Sat Feb 3 10:51:46 2018
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    I am working on LDAP integration for our CloneDeploy Windows 1.3.0. But it doesnt seem go my way.

    In the log i see several failed attempts to logon. So the LDAP isnt working.

    I have enabled LDAP authentication -> security along with following settings:

    LDAP Server: company.local (the server hosting CD is able connect to domain controller via port 389 and query for AD info)
    LDAP Port: 389 (Standard LDAP port)
    LDAP Authentication Attribute: UID (I am a bit uncertain about this one?)
    LDAP Base DN: DC=company,DC=local
    LDAP Authentication Type: Basic

    I have also made a group with administrator privileges and ticked off Use LDAP Group. In the LDAP Group Name is have given the name of our AD group.

    Can you help? The log doesnt tell a lot about what/why is failing.


    Can you explain what the Use LDAP Authentication setting is used for in general menu for a user? (in another post it says users will be created if a succesful logon is done via LDAP logon)

    What account is CD using when doing these LDAP lookups? This usually done with a AD account. (Have this something to do with the setting i have asked about above?)
    LDAPbindDN og LDAPbindDNPassword

    And when logging in... Do you use the domain prefix or just the AD accountname?

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