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    Tue Oct 24 19:16:53 2017
    L lipster posted in Client Boot menu CloneDeploy.

    This is what happened when I clicked cancel on a PC that was already registered "cancel.jpg".
    This is what happened when I clicked on Start on Demand Task for a machine that was not registered "Start_on_demand_task.jpg".

    Sorry for the poor pictures.

  2. Tue Oct 24 18:46:23 2017
    L lipster started the conversation Client Boot menu CloneDeploy.

    When selecting CloneDeploy from the client boot options. When pressing cancel on the options screen to deploy, upload or multicast the screen disappears to a screen with a munch of code and does not reboot or shutdown.

    The same thing happens if you have computer that is not registered and do not give it a name and then on the next screen go to the Start On Demand Task.

    For my security settings I have
    On Demand Mode: Enabled
    Debug Requires Login: Yes
    On Demand Requires Login: Yes
    Add Computer Requires Login: No
    Web Tasks Require Login: No
    Clobber Mode Requires Login: Yes

    Let me know if you want me to test anything.

    I am really liking the new interface. Being able to see the tasks on every page is very helpful. Thanks.

  3. Wed Jun 28 13:56:50 2017
    L lipster started the conversation Sad to hear, Great Software.

    I just wanted to say that I am sad to hear that you are stopping work on CloneDeploy. This is some great software and I think it really had potential to be the best imaging software if it isn't the best already. I hope you get bored of all your free time and come back to it :)

  4. Tue Jun 27 20:30:47 2017
    L lipster started the conversation Add Power Cmds to Computer Task.

    Could you please add an option to WOL PC's in the Computer Taks tab? If possible a restart and shutdown option would also be nice too. This would help when for some reason the machine did not wake up or if the machine was already on and it needed to be rebooted or shutdown and wol again to get the machine to pxe boot.

    If this could be added to another menu it would also be nice if custom scripts could be ran to do after imaging manually via powershell, vbscript or psexec.

  5. Fri Feb 17 17:51:09 2017
    L lipster posted in Renaming after imaging.

    That was it. Thanks for all your help!

  6. Thu Feb 16 19:32:15 2017
    L lipster posted in Renaming after imaging.

    The command I run to sysprep is sysprep.exe /oobe /generalize /shutdown /unattend:unattend.xml
    I place the unattend.xml in the C:\Windows\System32\Sysprep folder
    If I remove the oobe from the command then it forces me to use the audit mode.

    My image is Windows 10 64bit ltsb. Thanks for taking a look.

  7. Thu Feb 16 17:52:25 2017
    L lipster posted in Renaming after imaging.

    I found this microsoft article https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/commercialize/customize/desktop/unattend/microsoft-windows-shell-setup-computername
    I am using oobe so I guess that is not allowed anymore? Any thoughts on maybe a work around?
    I see in the cd_push script that you have some registry scripts to change the name would that work on a sysprep image as well?
    I am surprised this hasn't came up before, though it may have been a recent change as it was posted Jan 24th 2017

  8. Wed Feb 15 20:30:39 2017
    L lipster posted in Renaming after imaging.

    I am having some issues too.
    Once I sysprep the image I grab the image before it has a chance to boot up.
    Once I have the image I push it to a computer and it has the random name.
    I am using windows 10 ltsb 2016 and can see that under C:\windows\Panther\unattend.xml it does have the correct name in the computer name. I am unsure what is going on.
    When imaging without sysprep it works fine.
    I have an autologon for sysprep that works so I know that the sysprep file is doing something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  9. Wed Jan 11 16:03:18 2017
    L lipster posted in Auto reboot\pxe boot.

    I switched to ipxe and then optimized the bios on the computers and they are now booting back into the operating system again after exiting the menu. Thanks for all your help.

  10. Mon Jan 2 18:47:53 2017
    L lipster posted in Auto reboot\pxe boot.

    I tried the reboot option and got the same error.
    Failed to load COM32 file reboot.c32
    I attached some screen shots of my settings, hopefully I am doing something stupid and it is straight forward to fix. Thanks for all your help and patience.

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