DHCP Options

  • Hello, when adding the DHCP options to our network which is composed of multiple vlans and have iphelper enabled in order to establish communication across our domain network. I want to utilize our existing Windows DHCP that is issuing ip addresses to our devices. My question is that do we have to add the recommended CloneDeploy DHCP options to every vlan or do we just add the options once to the dhcp console? We do have iphelper already enabled. Thank you in advance!

  • You need them for each DHCP scope, or you can set it just once in the global scope options, that will apply it to all of them.

  • Great! Thank You my friend. I appreciate the info and advise. I really want for CloneDeploy to work for my schools. Barely setting up CloneDeploy on Win 2016 Server Standard Edition. Anxious, hopefully our network admin dictator assist with the Dhcp options at least in one school to test out. Thanks again!

  • @clonedeploy_admin Quick question, so if dhcp options are configured on the global scope will anyone in our network that have their desktops/laptops set to boot to network on the bios, for whatever reason, will automatically connect to CloneDeploy server?

  • Yes, they will automatically get the CloneDeploy boot menu. You definitely don't ever want the first startup device to be network, only when you want to image do you boot from network.