WinPE & Universal Token

  • Wanted to see if anyone remembers the process. I had to move CloneDeploy to a new server. Running 1.4 now. Deployment is done with using DHCP Proxy and all imaging is using the WinPE environemnt. I am building WinPE ISOs and tftpboot folder using CloneDeployPE Builder-1.2.1 to add some custom drivers.

    I cannot remember how to make WinPE not prompt for the username and password. I have created a Universal Token and these are the settings that I have on that screen. I thought that there was something you had to do to embed the token into the WinPE image but cannot remember how it is done or find an article on it.

    Settings -> Security
    On Demand Mode - Enabled
    Registration Enabled - No
    Registration Disabled Keep Name Prompt - No
    On Demand Requires Login - No
    Registration Requires Login - No
    Web Tasks Require Login - Yes
    Clobber Mode Requires Login - Yes

  • When building WinPE, edit the file CloneDeployPE-Build.cmd and put the token in there.

  • Thanks! I can't believe I missed that!