Gathering Image

  • I am new to imaging using CloneDeploy. I have CloneDeploy 1.4.0 server installed in an Ubuntu VM with a bridged network adapter in VMware Workstation. I can ping from the CloneDeploy server to the client machine by both IP and computer name. I trying to gather my first image from the client machine which is up and running. We have a local DHCP server. The CloneDeploy server, client machine, and DHCP server are all on the same subnet, so there are no firewalls to worry about. I changed option 66 on our DHCP server to the IP address of the CloneDeploy server. I changed option 67 on the our DHCP server to pxeboot.0. Then I go to Tasks and Start a Computer Task on the CloneDeploy server. The task shows up under All Active Tasks with a status of 0 and a queue position of 0. Nothing else is happening. There are no status bars showing progress. What am I missing? Do I need to install CloneDeploy client software onto the client machine first? Is the documentation leaving some steps out? How do I now gather an image from an existing client machine? Many thanks!

  • That all sounds good. You just need to PXE boot the computer you are trying to upload from.