System Partition only

  • We have plenty of experience imaging PC's with clonedeploy.
    We don't use PXE but a usbstick with prepped with kernel_args.

    Now we want to image the "c:" partition of a server with a raid5 setup. We don't care about its d: partition, it only contains surveillance footage... but it is huge.

    Unfortunately the corescript insists on imaging the d: partition as well.

    Can we add corescripts to CloneDeploy that only image the systempartition ? I looked at the (LIE) corescripts and found the function that iterates over all partitions. Is there a more elegant work-around than monkeying with the bash script ?


  • In the image profile upload options, select upload schema only. Then upload the image, it won't actually capture anything. Then disable the upload schema only, and you check the partitions you want to upload from the upload options.