New Kernel

  • Hi Guys

    We have the new Optiplex 7070's and it seems that we would need a new kernel for the NIC drivers.

    Is this in the pipeline?

  • Typically yes. CloneDeploy is currently transitioning to Theopenem, so I cannot create a newer kernel that would work with CloneDeploy. It's getting too old and not worth spending the time to update it. When Theopenem 1.2.0 is released in the coming weeks, it will have newer kernels.

  • Thank you.

  • I am just checking in to see if the new version of Openem ever got pushed out? I am also looking for a new kernel for CD, but would be anxious to try openem.

    Do you by chance have an updated instruction to create a new kernel ourselves. the ones currently listed do not work, as things have changed since the original posting.

    Has anyone else created a new kernel they can share?

  • Same issue here.
    With out instructions to create a kernel or a new Kernel CD is pretty much dead in the water for me.
    we deploy more than 30 laptops per month and it has worked great up until this last batch.
    I have found a way to get the kernel to boot.
    I see a version 5RC kernel but it will not allow me to save it.
    Not sure why. I select it and the save/update the Boot image and then when I go back it is back to 4.10.20.
    Not sure why also not sure if this ver 5 Kernel will even work.

  • @ggalindo I have found a work around for these new laptops. You can use the newest Kernel available in CD now, just use one of the Dell C-docks to connect the network to. That kernel supports the USB network connection.

    I have gone thru and built new kernels using the instructions provided, even though I have made those work, I still have issues.

    If someone is successful in getting a new kernel preferably newer 5.9.x it would be appreciated.

    Until then give the dock a try.

  • @cliffmcp
    Thanks for the news I just figured that part out Yesterday afternoon.
    It takes a little tweaking to get the Bios Correct but I got that to work.
    Then the next hurdle
    The Raid setting on the Hard drive no longer allows the drives to be seen.
    Getting the message no Drives available.
    I also found what I think is a workaround for that also
    Turn of the Raid and set it to ACHI Don't boot the drive or you get a mess.
    But if you use CD and upload the image it finds the drives fine.
    Then before you attempt to boot go back in and turn it back to RAID and all works.
    IT is just a Pain when attempting to train a junior Tech to do all this and why they have to just to clone a drive.

    Also hitting the same issue with the NIC drive on the newest Lenovo's Model T14s.
    The problem with those it they use the same nic on the LT and the C-Dock so I get the same results either way.

    Thanks for the post

  • Hello Support,

    We bought Precision 3640 Towers for our lab and unfortunately, the drivers for NIC not found. Please help.