Windows not booting after Boot to Local Machine

  • This likely is not a clonedeploy issue, however, someone might shed some light. I have used clonedeploy in several different networks. This one has me puzzled and it might be an issue on the machine itself. So far I have only tried on my master machine (Win10).

    Boot order: NIC, hard drive, everything else
    Clonedeploy menu appears, countdown finished and Boot to Local Machine is automatically selected.
    Clonedeploy menu exits.
    Booting from local disk . . .
    PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel Boot Agent.

    Reboot and Select proper Boot device
    or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key

    Press a key and the process restarts in a forever loop. It's almost as if the lan boot has something hanging.

    This process is the same if the boot order is set to hdd first and I manually start network boot from f11. Also, windows boots fine if the hdd is first in the boot order. I searched pretty heavy to try and figure it out.

  • this happened to me. you need to change your "PXE Mode" to something that is more compatible to your device. I was trying to image a newer HP laptop and had to change my settings to "winpe_efi64". This can be found under "ADMIN SETTINGS-->PXE-->PXE Mode

  • @bertoruiz Okay, I will give that a shot. Update, I added the proxy to boot efi and that did not change the behavior. I will play with the winPE environment. Thanks

  • @bertoruiz I attempted to run an old machine through and had the same results. Quickest test I could do before heading out.

  • You need to setup WinPE boot by installing and configuring it separate from the regular CloneDeploy software.

  • @bertoruiz thanks

  • @mtpassadmin
    Booting from the nic first is not recommend for the reasons you are discovering. There is just no universal way to get every machine to boot to windows when not imaging. It's also a security issue and a single point of failure. You should only boot to nic when you want to image.

  • @clonedeploy_admin Okay, I may just stick with that. What I was ultimately trying to do was remote management of approximately 30 machines that may need re-imaging from time to time. I was going to use web tasks so I could initiate an image and not need to be on-site (1 hour away). No employed IT personnel to press F11 🤔

  • Many computers can be configured to boot to lan only when wol is used, otherwise boot to hd. Something you may be able to look into.

  • @clonedeploy_admin said in Windows not booting after Boot to Local Machine:

    Many computers can be configured to boot to lan only when wol is used, otherwise boot to hd. Something you may be able to look into.

    I really like that idea. I don't see that in the MB spec'd for this job but I'll keep that for future.

  • @bertoruiz @clonedeploy_admin I have setup WinPE w/ Proxy and I get up until the WinPE10x86.wim is loaded. Then I get the 0xc000000f a required device isn't connected or can't be accessed. "Windows failed to start."
    I think I see what's going on. I assumed WinPE could run from linux. In the documentation for WinPE, I assumed:

    "merge the tftp folder with the tftpboot folder..."

    meant merge from windows to linux /tftpboot. I did so and took care of permissions with

    chown -R www-data:www-data /tftpboot

    After I went back to the directory on windows, I noticed the iso's are in a peer folder to the tftpboot folder. Am I correct in assuming WinPE CD is not intended to run from linux? Or could I simply recreate the hierarchy that is used on the windows system?

    Long winded comment, sorry. My reasoning for wanting WinPE is that I'll be imaging 14 surface pro 7s and 12+ mini PCs in addition to a handful of standard Win10 workstations. From what I understand there may be some issues with docking stations / driver needs for the pros and minis. Believe me, I love *nix platform for it's reliability, speed and efficiency.

    Plus, since I will be having an assistant onsite that is non IT, the pretty interface. Should I consider creating a windows "server" for the WinPE or is it doable to have it in linux (ubuntu server no gui).

    Side note, really appreciate this project and I've used it for years and donate along the way because it's painfully obvious how much has gone into this great project.