Constant Rebooting / GPT Error?

  • Hi,

    I've been using clonedeploy a decent amount of times.
    Has anyone else encounter when they deploy to a bare machine without an OS, the machine begins to constantly reboot?
    I've had successful deployments but this recent deployment cause both the fresh machines to go into a state of rebooting.
    I noticed just before the deployment to the machine.
    All the machines that I've deployed to have had all the same hardware but maybe with the exception of slight increase to SSD storage. 240gb to 256gb kingston ssd


  • This error is most likely unrelated. These are typical warnings, and are addressed during the imaging process, you just don't see it. Does the machine reboot randomly after you get to windows or is it in a boot up loop? If it's a boot loop, I suspect the proper boot information is not being restored. This can happen if the original image was not an efi image and new computer is using efi. Another possibility is that the original image was captured using legacy bios pxe boot instead of efi pxe boot. When using efi the boot information cannot properly be captured unless you pxe booted to efi mode, therefore it doesn't exist to restore. If you are only seeing this on computer's without an existing windows install this is the most likely scenario.

  • Ah, yes. It is in a boot loop. I'm only able to fresh install windows with disk and can't clone from another image to it successfully now after attempting first cloning or even changing to another working SSD. I'm not too familiar with that EFI / PXE stuff.
    Would there be a way to recover boot information?
    Or a suggestion of what to do when I upload a fresh image from now on?


  • You cannot recover the boot info, you need to create a new image. Let's begin here.
    Was the original image legacy bios or efi?
    Is the destination machine legacy bios or efi?
    Are you pxe booting or using the client iso?
    If you still have the original upload log of the image that would be helpful

  • I'm using USB to deploy on computers.
    As for legacy bios or efi, I have no clue.
    Though the destination computer that can't boot into windows. When choosing the boot up, It shows going to the SSD or Windows Boot loader (SSD name). Bootloader sends me to some UEFI bios looking screen. My original image doesn't have the Windows Boot loader (SSD name) option.

    Sorry, not sure which one is an upload image txt. I get push and pull mixed up alot.

  • From the logs I can see that the original image was EFI, but it doesn't look like it was booted via EFI. There is an error stating that EFI variables are not supported. The efi variables contain the boot information that is needed. You need to create the image from EFI. Typically a machine will let you boot to a USB device using either legacy bios or EFI. You will need to find out how to do this for you model and upload again.

  • I was able to fix the clone!
    I uploaded the image using remove gpt structures and it was back to good ol' successful deployments.
    I also chose UEFI option for booting into the USB.
    Everything seems to work now. 😃

    Thanks for the assistance.