1.4.0 - No Hard Drive Found when BIOS SATA Controller in RAID mode

  • Hello!

    I've updated to 1.4.0 of CloneDeploy and tried the 4.18.5, 4.20.10 as well as the 5.0.rc7 kernels but I haven't been able to get CloneDeploy to recognize this new drive when SATA Controller mode is RAID.

    I get past the image share connection and then states could not find hard drive connected to this computer please try a different kernel.

    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas.

    Model is a SAMSUNG MZ-9LQ128A NVMe 128GB

    I am able to change the SATA Controller to AHCI mode and CloneDeploy is working but I suppose I may have to make that change on every PC. Will see if the PCs will boot up in this mode.