Network Cards not supported in Boot Kernel (Any way to build new or Update)

  • Re: Could not Contact CloneDeploy Server

    Not sure if anyone is reading these anymore But thought I would try.
    Just received a batch of new Laptops for Cloning.
    NEW Dell Latitude 5510
    NEW Lenovo T14s devices.
    Both of these are getting the following;
    Could not contact Clone Deploy Server
    Try entering the url (Did this get the True response)
    A Drive could not be found for this NIC ( I believe this is that issue
    I was able to get around the Dell Latitude by using the C-Dock and the onboard nic.
    The Thunderbolt with preBoot support worked
    The Lenovo I can't get anything to allow the NIC's to be found
    I booted into Console mode and use the Dmesg command no nic is loading.
    Using Kernel 4.20.10x64 it is the newest that I can get to load.