PXE-E32 TFTP open timeout

  • First off I wanted to say thanks for all your work on CrucibleWDS and now CloneDeploy.

    So today I fully uninstalled CrucibleWDS, restarted, then installed CloneDeploy. No errors, no problems with initial setup.

    I am however now receiving a PXE Boot error. "PXE-E32 TFT open timeout". I've been working to try and resolve this for the past couple of hours but no luck as of yet.

    Any ideas or assistance would be much appreciated.


  • Scratch that. Figured it out. CrucibleWDS uninstall wasn't as clean as I thought. Tftp32_svc was pointing to nonexistant old cruciblewds folder. Switched location to the clonedeploy\tftpd32 folder and all is well.

  • Yes How Do You Uninstall? No Uninstaller For NaDa, Not Even The User "cruciblewds" that windows 10 won't let administrator remove?