UDHCPC sending discover

  • Hi there. First of all, thank you for this amazing tool. I'll take this over Microsoft imaging anyday. I am however having a problem related to PXE booting from a USB dongle. I have two models of Lenovo's, a P40 and Yoga 12 that use these devices. All other models with built in NICs work just fine. I've disabled secure boot and get to the actual options screen and use On Demand to upload an image on the fly. This is where things go south. I get stuck at the udhcpc discover. It just seems to not be able to snag an IP. I have a suspicion this relates to the eht0 assignment. Is there a way to change or customize this setting to pick up the correct interface?
    Thanks a bunch for your help!

  • You can try admin->client->Global Computer Arguments

    But like the name says that sets it globally.
    To use with registered computers
    images->profiles->pxe boot options->kernel arguments

    If you need to use on demand and this works I can help you setup a new menu entry specifically for eth1.

    Finally, if this doesn't work, set your boot image to debug.xz instead of initrd.xz. Then boot a machine and it should get you in to the environment. Then issue [code]ifconfig -a[/code] to see if any adapters are found

  • I will definately give that a shot. Thanks so much for your speedy reply!