Client.iso is No configuration file???

  • Environment: win 7 64bit, tfp32 64bit client.iso

    See the manual has succeeded in using the boot program stored TFTP32 client.iso place on a server on the client pc. 🙂

    But the problem is, but like a photo, place the boot "NO configuration file" and should not be booted.

    Can not you boot files from the original site or please explain what you need to create a separate boot file heard some examples.
    In the near completion or error, then not too much to finish.

    And to tell you there is no picture looked in the manual is not well understood.
    Many ask me the same figure can be used to fine president and foreign beginners.

    Thanks for reading.

  • i'm fix the problem.. thanks

  • Hi , I'm getting the same issue, i'm not sure if i'm just missing a step. I wondered if this is still a outstanding issue for all users?

    Many Thanks.

  • I believe you are just missing a step. Be sure that you are merging the generated output to the root of the iso.