Image Profile Does Not exist( Other Problems)

  • Although running is a way Mr. clonedeploy's given you "approve image" began another error.
    (fig. 01: success) (fig.02 : error messege)

    Advance "update profile success" as an error message is displayed profiles are not generated as .fig.02 though.
    After making an error, such as fig.02 other actions are designed at all. (Fig.03)
    Click "upload" or "deploy" if He's not responding (fig.03)
    Thus, the client side as well get the following error.
    clone deploy tricky letter after 1.1.1 patch can not know what it what like.
    Is there any way ??

    thanks for read this. =='

  • error message : the lmage profile Does Not Exist.

    start computer Task -> Deploy or upload (click)

  • Did you assign the default image profile to the computer?