Multitask Username and Password

  • Hi

    Finally got this all up and running and working great. I have one question but, when I start a Multitask to a group all the machines boot to a username and password screen. Before when I sued Crucible they just Queued until they were all ready.

    Now I have to go round each of them and put in the server username and password and they will then Q. Is there a security setting I need to change to stop it prompting for username and password in Multitask???

    I removed the Username and password option under security for on Demand but this didn't make any difference.

    Any help appreciated


  • If you started the multicast from a group, that would be a web task, you need to disable login for web tasks.

  • Seen that but wasnt sure ill disable that and test. Also is there a link if I am on same VLAN where I can access the server through a web link like we did with crucible. Would save me running up and down a few floors when I wanted to set JOBS 🙂

  • [quote]Also is there a link if I am on same VLAN where I can access the server through a web link like we did with crucible[/quote]
    Not sure what you are asking here.

  • So What I am asking is if I can access the server settings, Groups computers Tasks etc so basically the clonedeploy screen from a diff machine rather than having to be sitting at the server. So if I have a machine on same VLAN as the server is there a link I can access this from.

  • Sure, just go to http://server-ip/clonedeploy

  • Great I will try that Thanks.

    In response to your suggestion above to stop having to enter username and password to start multicast you suggested to disable having to login from Webcast. If I do that when I go to multicast I get an error while downloading scripts and then has "Could not download script, Response Code 403".

    The same happens if I disable login for on demand. If I enable it again it works fine as long as I enter username and password first.


  • You need to generate a universal token on that same screen.

  • following

  • That worked a treat Thanks. Still having issues with Multicasting on some bays and VLANs :-(. Done 15 HP TCs last night only a 9GB image and only getting 100MB a minute. If I do a on Demand to 1 machine I amd getting 900MB to 1GB. What is the recommeded block size? I have asked our network team to check switches etc but they cannot see anything. Any other suggestions?

  • I've always had the best luck with a block size of 700. Multicast is tricky and there is no universal answer. People have reported that just changing a switch solves there problem, just to show that each switch is different, and so is each computer. Also 900Mb to 1Gb for a unicast is slow. Are these only 100Mb switches?

  • Yes I tried at 700 but same issue :-(. If the machines are split over a few switches would that matter? Not sure about the switches but they are connected through Fibre ports on Gi0. Well some Unicast we get 1.3GB . What you reckon we should get?

  • That sounds right for 100Mb switches, so that's what they must be. Have you tried leaving the blocksize value empty. You could also try changing the multicast decompression from server to client or vice versa. Finally since it appears you switches are only 100Mb, I would change the nic on your CD server to a fixed link speed. Device manager->nic->properties->advanced->link speed and duplex->100mb full duplex

  • OK I will give that a try and see. I have a Unicast running here at present with a 50GB image and I am getting 1.3GB average.

  • Just for record but I am still using CWDS, I get about 650mb p/m when using a multicast of 16 machines with an 8GB image.

    Unitcast is around 900/1100 mark.

    Not actually sure what switches I am using but its various and not the same switches.

    Will check what I'm running tomorrow and compare.

  • Clonedeploy tried your settings you suggested.

    Decompression from Server to Client
    Network car 100MB Full- This was already set.
    Leaving Blocksize blank - Wouldn't do Multicast with Blocksize blank. I got an error when trying to Multicast to Group but as soon as I put a number in it worked fine. I Put Blocksize to 600.

    With these settings imaging a 14 Machines with a 9GB Image I am getting 122MB 😞


  • There isn't really anything else you can change on the CloneDeploy side. Also for a blank block size I meant to completely remove the blocksize argument, then it would use the default size of 1456. Also, the multicast process has not changed since CWDS, there would be no speed difference for multicasting b/w CWDS and CD.