System Restore problem after clone upload

  • Hi,

    For some reason on a couple different model laptops that I have after I upload an image and the laptop restarts in system protection the 😄 drive is marked as missing (therefore no restore points are created). Is there something that I need to turn off while uploading the image to prevent this? This only seems to happen on 2 of the laptops that I have. These 2 laptops have Windows 7 installed, I also have another Windows 7 laptop that doesn't have this problem so I don't think the issue is related to the OS.

  • I'll need to look into this. During the upload only 1 change is made to the existing system, all mounted devices are cleared from the registry, I wonder if that is causing the issue.

  • Are there some settings that I should try changing when imaging these 2 laptops that I'm having trouble with?

  • There isn't a setting you can change to stop this. I haven't been able to validate if this is actually causing the problem or not. Can you manually re-enable system restore?

  • Yes I'm able to re-enable system restore. In the System Protection area it adds an additional 😄 drive and says missing next to it. You can configure it to disable system protection and then that "missing" 😄 drive will disappear. At that point you can re-enable system restore on the original 😄 (system) drive. Its odd that this problem is happening on some computers and not others.