CloneDeploy on Server 2008 R2 with Server DHCP

  • Is there any howto or manual to (easy) setup CloneDeploy on Windows Server 2008 R2 with Windows Server own DHCP installed (the Server is the Domain Controller). I have problems to get the Server anwser the clients on pxe boot.

    The client don't get an Adress on PXE boot and the tftp don't log anything.

    Please help me to setup the Server/CloneDeploy.
    Does i need IIS on the Server to (i setup clonedeploy without iis and can't access the webinterface; after setup iis t goes?)

    Sorry for my bad english.


  • Setup for CloneDeploy is always the same regardless of what OS version it is installed on or where your DHCP server is. Did you set you dhcp options 66 and 67? You should follow this guide.

    CloneDeploy does require IIS. I'm not sure how you could have installed it without it. The installer automatically installs it. Is there anywhere else you could install this? On a domain controller is probably not the best idea.