Looking For Hard Drive (Upload)

  • Hello. I have a ThinkCentre M93P, which I did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on. I wiped all partitions during setup and I'm at the point where I want to upload an image of it. However, I am getting stuck at the "Looking for hard drive" process. I've attached the pull log of the PC. I've tried deleting the image and re-creating it but I'm still getting stuck. I previously had an issue when deploying a PC and it got stuck at this point but this time, it is stuck during uploading. I've ran a chkdsk /f and a defrag on the drive before trying to upload. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • It's the same issue as your other post and can be fixed the same way. A patch is coming, just a little longer.

  • Ok. I thought that since this is a pull vs a push, it might be something I could change in the CloneDeploy image but if not, I'll just follow your previous instructions. Thanks again!

    Previous fix: http://forum.clonedeploy.org/118-looking-for-hard-drive